SEO Techniques That You Should Avoid

Miami is best known for its beaches. But, unbeknown to many, the city is also an ideal place to start a business. It is because of the fantastic tax climate that it provides business people. Moreover, Florida State is also business-friendly. It is the reason why many small businesses are making Miami their home.

You can expect competition in a business-friendly city like Miami. That’s why if you want to get ahead, you need the help of a dependable Miami SEO agency. The right agency will provide you with services that will help optimise your business website to drive more traffic.

While there are SEO techniques that a reliable SEO agency should employ, there are also techniques that you should avoid. These are some of those avoidable techniques:

Keyword stuffing

Search engines like Google disfavour this practice. While your content and page need to contain keywords to rank, stuffing your content with keywords is a no-no. Abusing the use of keywords means using them in almost every sentence.

A keyword-dense content is unnatural to read. Search engines do not like unnatural-sounding websites. If they find the content stuffed with keywords, they will shadowban it. It means that the page’s visibility will be limited.

Also, keyword stuffing is a black-hat technique penalised by Google, so you should avoid doing it.

Exact keyword matching

Search engines do not penalise pages with similar keywords as other pages. However, using precise keywords as your competitor is useless as it does not offer any advantage to you.

Using exact keywords was rewarded by Google in the past. However, with the new algorithm that the search engine’s bots follow, search results are now based on the relevant content of the query.

Keywords still play a vital role in getting Google to rank your page. However, you have to look for keywords that are not awkward-sounding and do not precisely match to get the result you are hoping for.

Spinning content

Regularly updating your website will boost your ranking. However, you need to upload fresh content for this to happen. You need to write original content intended for your niche market.

Writing original content is time-consuming and can be tasking the brain. It is the reason why there are SEO providers tempted to spin content. Spinning means rewording an old blog or article from a different source.

Those who spin articles sometimes get away with it because it is technically not plagiarising. However, it is not fresh and original, too. Contents that are similar to others do not rank well with search engines.

Buying backlinks

Backlinking is an essential factor for a website to rank. It naturally comes when you provide your website with educative, original content. However, getting other websites to link to yours can take longer. It is why there are SEO providers who get tempted and buy backlinks from other providers.

Buying backlinks is another black-hat technique that you should avoid to prevent search engines from penalising your website.

A reputable Miami SEO agency knows well enough to steer away from black-hat techniques such as the ones listed here. However, as a sensible business owner, you should be aware of this so you can check if it is being implemented on your website.