All You Need To Know About Robin Hood Festival 2022

Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest has been linked with Robin Hood, the robber who stole from the rich to feed the needy, since the Middle Ages. The city holds a Robin hood festival in August and a Pageant in October to honour its most famous son.

Nobody knows if Robin Hood ever existed. If he did, nobody knows if he was a nobleman who fought in the Crusades alongside King Richard Lionheart and was expelled from his kingdoms by Richard’s wicked brother Prince John, as tradition has it. However, many of the locations referenced in folklore are true. The Major Oak, a giant oak tree where Robin Hooda is said to have hidden, and the Church of St Mary in Edwinstowe, where Robin is said to have married his soulmate, Maid Marian. The Major Oak is 800 years old and has a circumference of 10 metres. It’s easy to picture Robin Hood and his Merry Men hidden among its twigs.

From July 31 to August 6, Sherwood Forest will be renovated into an overflowing Robin Hooda set for the festival, with artists coming out of nowhere to reenact scenes from the legends, particularly combat. Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Maid Marian, and the infamous Sheriff will all be present. Visitors can try their hand at arrows in the hopes of replicating Robin Hood’s renowned accurate shots, and there is plenty of mediaeval music, storytelling, and food. Jousting and falconry are usually part of the festival, but they are on pause this year due to construction on a new Visitor Centre.

Things to Know About Robin Hood Festival


Many of us are familiar with Robin Hood, a legendary, heroic criminal who robbed the wealthiest in hopes of helping the poor. Robin Hood spent the majority of his life in Sherwood Forest. Every year, the Robin Hood Festival takes place in the same magical forest.

As a result, it is reasonable to say that the Robin Hood festival in Nottingham provides the most realistic Robin Hooda experience.

2. IT’S Open For Everybody!

Yes! The Robin Hood Festival is free to attend, but attendees who arrive by car can expect to pay a small parking fee. The majority of the festival’s events are also free. Some activities, like the Open Air Theatre, do, however, charge a nominal price.

Here are just a few of the wonderful free activities that will be available at the Robin Hood Festival.

Archery Street Theatre is a performance that takes place in the streets of

Local Food, Medieval Music,  Crafts from the Middle Ages,  Because of the event’s popularity, parking can be difficult, so arrive early. Alternatively, you could save time and money by reserving a cheap taxi and arriving whenever you like.


Hundreds of people, young and old, offer their services each year to give back to the Robin Hood Festival.

Consider volunteering your services if you have some free time and want to give back to the community. To learn more, go to the government’s website.

Remember! Volunteering in the community can be a beneficial activity for your mental health.


When it comes to festivals and celebrations, how can one forget about food?

The centre at the Robin Hood Festival is a great place to rest and have a bite to eat. Take a break from the exciting programmes and go for a walk through Sherwood Forest.

Bring your picnic basket and enjoy a meal with the family at one of the many picnic places on the property.


There’s something for everyone at the Robin Hood Festival!

The festival is deafly accessible for two days each year, allowing anyone with hearing impairments to enjoy the legends of Robin Hood. The Robin Hood Festival is a wonderful opportunity for individuals who find it difficult to share a happy moment with deaf friends or family members.


The Robin Hood Festival seems to be a great deal of fun for all ages.

It’s purely a family event that will help you to spend quality time with children. As a visitor to Nottingham, plan ahead of time to avoid being disappointed by crowded parking. Book a taxi online ahead of time.

In our opinion, you should consider visiting Nottingham to relive the legends of Robin Hooda in August.

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