Repair Network and Company File Errors with QuickBooks File Doctor

This article will explain how to fix network and file problems with QuickBooks File Doctor:

QuickBooks File Doctor tool makes it easy to fix corrupted or damaged company files. This tool was launched by Intuit in 2012 and is very useful. It allows users to access the company file with no errors. File Doctor is the right name for the tool. It is designed to resolve any issues that QuickBooks users may encounter while using the software. Intuit launched two tools to help you identify company files, the QuickBooks network connectivity diagnostic tool and the QuickBooks company file identification tool. QuickBooks File Doctor can help you recover or restore company files that have been deleted or damaged and also assist you with solving network problems. It is a useful tool that solves problems when using QuickBooks. You should be familiar with its utility if you already use it.

If you’re new to QuickBooks, or to this tool, this article will help you get the most out of the QuickBooks file doctor tool. It also contains much other useful information.

What’s QuickBooks File Doctor?

This amazing tool will make it easy to find and fix any network or company files that are missing or damaged. QuickBooks file doctor was created to identify and resolve problems that can hinder the smooth functioning of QuickBooks software. This file repair tool allows you to fix important files and data of your company, as well as other data conspiracy, windows problems, network issues, and many other problems.

There are many issues that can arise when opening company files. These include completely busted firm files, network issues, and errors such as H202, H303, H505, and error codes. QuickBooks File Doctor is included in 2014 R5 (and later). You can also download, install and run the tool to fix network and data issues.

How to use the QuickBooks file doctor tool?

  • This tool can be used to fix the aforementioned critical company file errors.
  • If you’re unable to open company files ( error-6150).
  • QuickBooks Error -6000 series (-6000, -82; -6000, -305; -6000, -301; -6147).
  • Blank or missing lists for customers, vendors, or employees (QuickBooks error -6130 or 61150).
  • The file of a damaged company

The benefits of using the QuickBooks File Doctor tool

  • This tool is a great way to resolve network problems.
  • This tool makes it easy to resolve QuickBook’s error or the -6000 series.
  • This tool also allows you to fix complicated errors like H101, H202, or H303.
  • If the client fails to obtain a significant database, the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool may be able to assist them.
  • File Doctor can be used to retrieve company files from one network system and store them in another.
  • A file doctor tool is a great option if files or data are damaged.

Important things to know about the QuickBooks File Doctor tool

These are important facts to remember about the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

  • Before downloading the new version of QuickBooks File Doctor, please uninstall the old version.
  • You are instructed to use an external file doctor tool. All QuickBooks versions after 2015 have an inbuilt File Doctor.
  • File Doctor Tool works with all QuickBooks desktops.
  • The File Doctor is not compatible with QuickBooks for MAC.

There are two types of File Doctor tools:

  • Built-in file doctor was available in all QuickBooks 2016 versions and later.
  • The standalone version of the QBFD Tool is available for download via the internet.

In certain cases, the QuickBooks File Doctor tool may be able to work on its own. To enable the device to complete its task, you will need to push the Start key.

How user-friendly QuickBooks’ file doctor tool is?

QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and higher have QuickBooks built-in file doctor. The file doctor tool works well with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. This tool is not compatible with any version of QuickBooks for MAC.

Why use QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Manager is a great tool for solving common QB problems. We recommend that you use QBFD to solve any issues with your accounting software. It can be used whenever there is an issue opening a company file or if network errors are present (like H101 and QuickBooks error H202, H303, etc.). or error code 6000 (QB Error -6000, -82, QB Error -6000, -305, QB Error -6147, etc.) Pop up. These errors can be fixed with the help QuickBooks file physician tool:

  • All types of companies can file errors
  • QuickBooks 6000 series errors
  • Various installation errors
  • Empty vendor lists and customer list issues
  • Multi-user errors
  • Windows registry and data damaged
  • H series errors

Some Important Information About QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Before downloading the latest File Doctor version, always uninstall any QBFD tools.
  • All QuickBooks versions after 2015 are equipped with QB file doctor. It’s recommended to download and run an external file doctor tool to correct complicated QuickBooks errors.
  • This tool is compatible with all versions of QuickBooks Desktops on Windows.
  • This tool is not compatible with QuickBooks for MAC.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor Tool There are two types of it:
    1. All QuickBooks 2016 and later versions include a built-in file doctor.
    2. QuickBooks File Doctor standalone version can be downloaded easily from the internet.
  • In the event of some errors, the tool might automatically open. In these cases, you will need to click the start button to allow it to finish its work. If QBFD doesn’t appear automatically, you can still open it and run it by following these tips.

How to Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Here are some quick and easy steps to make QuickBooks file doctor work perfectly.

Step 1 First, download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool then install it on your device.

Step 2 – Once you have installed it, the QuickBooks file doctor will open. If it doesn’t, you can open the Smart Menu to open this tool.

Step 3 Open this tool and search for your company file from the list. To find the file, you can touch Browse.

Step 4: Next, select ” File Damage Only” and then click ” Diagnose“.

Step 5 Enter the admin password if you are forced. You will then be able to update your file to the most recent version. It is optional to update.

Step 6 Finally, the QB file doctor will start to restore your files. This task may take some time.

Step 7 After the repair procedure was completed, you will be able to access your repaired file immediately from QBFD.

Step 8 – The File Doctor function can fix all of your network and file problems.

Limits to the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • QuickBooks Company File Size is less than 2GB.
  • To download and upload files, you will need strong internet connections.
  • Log in/Sign up as an administrator
  • If you have multiple versions of QuickBooks installed on one computer or desktop, network connectivity analysis and restoration options won’t work.


After reading this article, we hope you now have a better understanding of QuickBooks file doctor. We also attempted to provide a point-by-point recommendation on how to fix QuickBooks company files and other problems using file doctor.