How You Can Rent a Storage Container

Storage containers are an excellent option for many different types of storage needs. The best part is that they’re cheap, safe, and easy to rent and use. If you’re moving, you might be wondering how to store your stuff while you’re in transition. A storage container is an excellent option for storing all of your belongings while they are in transit between homes. Here are four easy steps on how to rent a storage container:

Get an estimate

Get an estimate of what size container you need. You can do this by measuring the space that your stuff will be occupying and comparing it to the dimensions of each of our storage containers southeast Queensland. Our website has a page where you can enter your dimensions and estimate how many cubic feet are needed.

Tell the storage container company what you’re storing

You may need to let them know what you’re storing so that they can provide the proper container for your needs. If you’re storing large items, like furniture, appliances, or vehicles, then it is best to use a container that has locking doors. Once you have an idea of what size container you need and what type of items will be stored inside of it, you can contact the storage container company directly to reserve one for yourself.

You’ll want to ask the company about their prices and what type of payment methods they accept. Once you have all the information that you need, you can make your reservation, and then wait for the container to arrive at your location.

Choose between storage container options

Once you have your storage container, the next step is to choose between several different options. These include:

Doorless storage containers:

These are the most common type of storage container, and they’re also the cheapest option available. They typically have a locking door that can be opened with a padlock or combination lock, but they don’t have doors that swing open as other containers do.

Doored storage containers:

This option has doors on both sides and comes with locks for both of them as well.

Portable storage containers 

Portable storage containers are much lighter than permanent options, which means they can be moved around more easily. They’re also less expensive because they don’t need to be installed on-site as a permanent option would. The downside to this is that they don’t have a very long lifespan. If you need to store things for a long period of time, then a permanent option may be better suited for your needs.

 Permanent storage containers: 

These are more expensive than portable options because they have to be installed on-site and can withstand bad weather conditions. Permanent storage containers, on the other hand, are more expensive because they require installation by a professional. They’re also heavier and larger than portable options because they need to be set up in place before you can use them.

Make sure your things are ready to be moved

Get your things ready. Do as much as you can before the storage container arrives, so you won’t be stuck paying for longer than you need to rent it, or having to do it when all of your stuff is in the way. Pack carefully! Make sure all items are properly wrapped, packed in boxes, and loaded securely in the unit.

If you have a lot of fragile items, make sure they’re packed in boxes or wrapped in bubble wrap. -If you have many small items like dishes and books, consider using a container that has dividers for organization. -Make sure all electrical equipment is turned off and unplugged before moving your things into storage. here you can also get more information about How office containers are used for different purposes


Hopefully, you’ve found this guide to be helpful in preparing for your move, but if you ever have any questions about the process or need some extra advice, don’t hesitate to ask. Ross Hopper Containers is a leading provider of container storage and shipping solutions in Sunshine Coast Queensland.  We offer a wide range of containers for all your needs, from small to large, and we can customize a solution to fit your budget. Visit our website today to learn more about our services and how we can help you! You can always contact our customer service department through email, or by simply giving them a call at (07) 5494 2392