Quirky Ideas for Online Social Events in 2022

Online social events are virtual corporate events held with the aim to promote bonding and interaction among the team members. Such events are generally held over virtual event platforms that provide the attendees with unique engagement and interaction opportunities. Better relationships among the attendees further help improve the work dynamics. Therefore, it is very important to make the event engaging and interesting. This article presents you with some quirky ideas to improve your social events in 2022. 

Virtual Guess Who

While you might feel that you know everything about your colleagues or teammates, there are still some things you might be unaware of. This game will help you know more about your team members. Each participant will have to guess the person based on a clue or a fact about their colleagues. It will help you know more about the interests of your colleagues outside the office. This game will amp up the excitement quotient of your virtual event. You can also make it more exciting by adding rewards for each correct guess. 

Virtual Escape Room

A virtual escape room is a fun game that puts the participant’s thinking skills to use. A virtual escape room consists of a virtual room where a few participants are locked. The participants need to look for clues in their surroundings to find their freedom. All the best virtual event platforms provide you with a virtual escape room to add a fun element to your social events. This is a great activity to promote interaction and networking among the participants. 

Virtual International Games

This game will test the knowledge of the participants about international geography through brain teasers, puzzles and quizzes. You can divide the participants into several teams and hold a face-off between two teams at a time. You can also base this game on certain themes like the Olympics, international sports, international geography. This will help the participants learn more about the world. 

Virtual Murder Mystery

While playing this game, the participants will have to bring out the detectives inside them, look for evidence and put their reasoning skills to test to catch the culprit. The best part of a virtual social event is that you can play a murder mystery game while being safe, from your home. To make your virtual corporate events more fun, choose a virtual event platform that allows you to add the games of your choice.

Virtual Trivia Night

A virtual trivia night is a fun activity that tests the participant’s knowledge. Keep the stakes high with creative titles for the winners like the king/queen of trivia. To make it more entertaining and exciting you can consider asking questions based on interesting facts. You can also set a theme for the virtual trivia night. For instance, the theme could be music or movies

Virtual Bingo Game

While we all have played a physical bingo game, you can also play it virtually. To make it unique and exciting, you can add clues about the participants and ask the others to identify the person based on the clues provided. This is a great way to boost interaction among the participants. It also provides them with an opportunity to know more about each other. Some examples of the clues are –

  • Achieved a life goal
  • Got married
  • Threw a party
  • Played a prank on a colleague

Make Them Guess

There is nothing more fun than a guessing game. You can make the attendees pick up their drawing pencils and put their sketching skills to the test. The other participants will then guess the thing or the person based on the picture presented. Sounds fun right! You can also ask the participants to write funny and quirky descriptions of their colleagues. Now everyone will guess the name of the person to whom that description belongs. You can also make it more fun by rewarding the winners with discount vouchers, gift coupons etc. 

Never Have I Ever

Despite the fact that it is common, this game remains highly popular among people. the best part about a Never have I Ever game is that it can easily be organized in a virtual setting. We know it might sound repetitive, but you can create your own version of Never Have I Ever by tweaking it. You can make the prompts creative and funny to add a hint of laughter to your virtual social event. Here are some of the creative prompts you can use. Don’t hesitate to let your creative juices flow and add your personal touch to the prompts. 

  • Slept during a meeting
  • Crashed a wedding
  • Entered a wrong washroom
  • Slept before midnight

Virtual Team Hunt

A virtual team hunt is another great idea for hosting a fun and engaging social event in the year 2022. Just like a scavenger hunt, you can organize a virtual team hunt. The participants can use clues and don their detective hats to know more about their team members. The participant who finds the most interesting facts about other members within a given time limit will be the winner. Let the participants use their creativity. This will help make the game more quirky and fun. 

Share a Story

You can ask the participants to share a fun or interesting story from their past experiences. These real-life stories will liven up your virtual social event and make it fun. Moreover, these super witty stories about each other’s lives will also help the participants find out more about each other’s personality traits. This is a great activity to add a personal touch to the game and make it more fun and engaging. 

Fancy Dress Competitions 

Everyone loves the idea of being dressed if they know they are going to get instagram pictures. Therefore, you must organize a fancy dress competition or simply keep an award for the best-dressed person in the event. This will help build excitement for the event and make it more fun. Moreover, choosing a virtual event platform that provides a virtual photo booth can make this possible and increase the excitement of the event. 


Now that you know how to keep the attendees engrossed and interested in the event, you can plan your next online social event. You can take cues from the quirky ideas presented in this blog to make it more interesting.