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Professional Development Training Programmes

It is significant for a company’s growth to continually hire proficient employees while also focusing on the growth of those they have welcomed aboard. A qualified workforce shoots your company’s efficiency a long way up. An ideal way to ensure your employees remain competent is regularly investing in their professional development, skills, and capability. At In Professional Development, we offer a range of professional courses. We guarantee impactful and valued deliveries regardless of organisational goals and objectives. Though we offer all kinds of corporate training, our professional development courses make us distinct.

About our Professional Development Courses

In each professional development course, we promise an engaging learning experience. We are constantly working for organisations and individuals, start-ups and established businesses. You will find our programmes most beneficial whether it’s a promotion you desire or a new job opportunity you wish to grab. Our beginner, intermediate and advanced courses ensure everyone can find something no matter where they stand in their careers.

We offer courses in Central London, Manchester and virtual classrooms involving intensive training or learning at your own pace, including Business, Finance, Marketing, Leadership, and Sales Courses. Some of the top picks from our exhaustive list of courses include our most sought-after Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, Advanced Sales Leadership Programme, Coaching, Mentoring Development programme, Executive Mini MBA Accelerator programme, and CMI Courses.

Bespoke Delivery, In-person and Virtual

We currently offer nationwide course delivery and training to professionals virtually and face-to-face. The location can be chosen by professionals and organisations seeking training, including one-on-one executive coaching.

In Professional Development have offered programmes to thousands of delegates, from start-ups to established businesses. We have designed bespoke training programmes for major corporations and blue-chip companies, including Adobe and DHL in the private sector and non-profits such as the NHS, the Ministry of Justice and the ADHD Foundation in the public sector.

Together with the University of East London, we deliver the Advanced Management Programme, the Strategic Leadership Programme, and the Higher Education Leadership Programme. Our CMI programs have been opted for by prominent organisations like American Express and English Football League in the past.

Accreditations and Certifications

Our courses come with the edge of various certifications, from CMI levels 5 and 7 to Post Graduate Certificates (PGCert). A PGCert will add 60 points toward a Master’s degree, while 180 points are a must to complete a Master’s. We are accredited by the University of Chester and the University of East London, among other prestigious bodies. Being backed by benchmark names in the industry will underpin your resume and make you an indispensable asset.

Eligibility, Prerequisites and Inclusivity

There are no preconditions for our courses. We help organisations, and individual professionals achieve more, regardless of their experience or background. However, for our leadership and management courses, including the Directors Development Programme, Senior Leadership Programme, and Mini MBA, we propose three years of professional experience and above in a senior management position.

In Professional Development was created by visionary founders striving to provide access to inclusive and thorough business learning. We retain supportive teams that are flexible to diverse learning styles and necessities. If apprised of any particular requirements, we can implement strategies to ascertain that our delegates feel more at ease and receive all necessary support.

At In Professional Development, we serve various clientele with varying needs. Our objective is to guarantee that we use simple approaches while offering the skills and expertise required to increase your institution’s presence. Our account management team will work with you to develop unique training programmes carefully selected for your specific needs to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Don’t wait any longer to begin advancing your career. Browse our courses and contact one of our executive education consultants for any inquiries or further details about our current and upcoming programmes. You can reach us at 01615092999 and

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