Patiala Salwar Kameez – A Finest Indian Attire

There are thousands of traditional dresses available, but Patiala Salwar Kameez is an all-time favorite for womens. It’s so stylish, modern and the best-fit outfit for almost any occasion. 

It comes from the Indian fashion of the Mughals, but in today’s fashionable world – the style and design of Patiala Salwar Kameez evolved and look more stylish and comfortable with modern texture. These are Punjabi dresses known as Salwar Kameez.

The trend of wearing salwar kameez is changing and becoming more fashionable for womens nowadays. 

Salwar kameez consists of three pieces, i.e., The kameez or kurta, the top piece with long-sleeved and salwar or kurta as comfortable pants with balloon shape at the top. 

These Salwar Kameez come in various patterns and designs that women love to wear on different occasions.

Let’s see some new trends of Patiala Salwar Kameez!

Traditional and Trendy Patiala Salwar Kameez Styles

1 – Cotton Patiala Salwar Suit

Cotton Patiala Salwar Suits are the best fit for women for style and comfort. For everyday wear, these cotton patiyala dress are the best match that comes in different colors as per your mood. 

2 – Modern Printed Suits

Women love modern Printed sleeveless suits. Today’s Salwar Suits come in modern printed designs that catch attention and are very comfortable to wear for any occasion or regular purpose. Its Chunri is matched with salwar, enhancing the look. 

3 – Traditional Patiala Salwar Suits

Traditional salwar dress material with heavy design work are eye-catching and attractive. These full sleeves suits with matching chunni catch the attention of any occasion or event.

4 – Bridal Patiala Salwar Kameez

In bridal suits, the kameez itself is made up of shiny material that enhances the look of bridal patiyala dress. And the design of the suit is shiny and brighter with golden material, and its Chunri is closely transparent with repeated modern designs.

5 – Silk Patiala Salwar Suits

If you’re planning to wear a Patiala suit for any occasion, you should consider silk Patiala salwar suits with modern designs and patterns on the yoke and neck portions. A sleeveless, short style and well-pleated silk Patiala salwar dress material can be best for occasions. 

6 – Plain Top and Designed Bottom

A plain top with a designed bottom is one of the most demanding salwar suits for women. These Patiala salwar suits catch the attention with their plain look and colorful kameez.  

7 – Patiala Salwar Suits with Jacket

If you’re a fashionable woman and want to try something new and unique, then Patiala Salwar Suit with a jacket can give you a unique and classy look. Its modern design suit with matching printed jacket looks good and comfortable. 

8 – Fancy Patiala Salwar Suits

For casual and traditional wear, fancy patiyala dress are popular in the market. Its kurta comes in cotton material with a beautiful design on the shoulders and yoke. 

9 – Stitched Patiala Salwar Suits

Stitched Patiala salwar dress material are very comfortable to wear, and it’s a heavily done design on kurta with tiny mirrors that look attractive on any occasion.

10 – Off White and Salmon Patiala Salwar Suits

A beautiful Patiala Salwar suit with off-white color and transparent sleeves. Many beautiful designs from neck portions to the chest. It comes with a long kameez to the knees with plain Chunri.


These are top trendy patiyala dress in different categories that you must try on different occasions and stand out your personality. If you’re looking for trendy salwar suits, then 

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