LED screen solutions are shining a light on the industry nowadays

As a globally recognised provider of industry-leading Outdoor Smd Screen technology. Pro Display takes great pride in supplying a diverse selection of LED displays to customers. Despite considerable advancements in recent years, Pro Display has been a pioneer in the market for many years. Having introduced the first full-color LED displays into Europe in the 1990s. And the first LED perimeter systems in the early 2000s. Pro Display has evolved in tandem with Outdoor Smd Screen technology over the course of nearly two decades. Producing high-quality and unique display solutions for a wide range of applications.

There are a variety of common applications for LED technology

From an LED message board to an LED screen wall and all in between; with Pro Display’s extensive selection of solutions, there is likely to be one that matches your needs. When referring to a big format advertising system, an LED display can refer to any size of LED display screen. From a small LED digital signage screen to a large format advertising system. Demonstrating one of the most major advantages of LED display screen technology – its flexibility to scale. Due to the modular nature of many LED technologies, it is simple to combine many panels. To create massively scaled large format advertising screens. As an alternative to conventional LCD panels. A large format LED screen is an excellent choice for those who have display requirements that are larger than life. This is because it offers a substantially brighter display option than typical LCD screens.

Outdoor Smd Screen
Outdoor Smd Screen

Depending on the use, big format advertising systems are likely to seen from a great distance. Demanding a higher pixel pitch than standard advertising systems. As a result, screens with a larger pixel pitch tend to be less expensive than screens with smaller pixel pitches. This is because the metre specifies how far away each LED light is from the rest of the screen’s pixels. As with any type of LED display that displays visual media material. The individual LEDs in a video display or any other. Type of LED display that displays visual media material operate in a manner similar to pixels in a digital image. As a result, it should go without saying. That the further away these individual LEDs are from one another.

The less suitable the screen is for close viewing

However, indoor LED screens are unlikely to require such a large scale because they are typically located in tight spaces with limited viewing opportunities and regularly subjected to close inspection by customers or passersby, making a smaller pixel pitch desirable in most cases. For indoor applications, Pro Display offers indoor SMD LED displays with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9mm to 10mm. This is still a significant amount of screen real estate, but it is not so enormous that it is likely to detract from the effectiveness of the display. Retail stores, airports, bus and train stations, and even schools and universities can benefit from indoor LED screens because they provide a seamless, larger, and brighter display than is realistically possible with LCD technology. Outdoor Smd Screen also provide the required bezel-free effect and brightness for an effective indoor advertising system.
On the other hand, outdoor LED panels have a much larger pixel pitch than indoor LED panels

Owing to the sheer scale of what is possible with this technology

An outdoor LED screen can be utilize to meet display requirements across extremely long distances and at large scales. Large format display applications such as sports stadiums and arenas, roadside billboards and advertising, major retail malls, and even general public locations benefit from our Outdoor LED Screens, which have pixel pitches ranging from 4mm to 50mm. They have an IP65 rating, which indicates that they are acceptable for outdoor installation. Given their increased brightness and wider viewing angles, these modular panels have the potential to reach a large number of people with their visual displays when used in large format applications.

Outdoor LED screen technology can be use for a variety of applications other than large-format screens. Additionally, LED perimeter systems are becoming increasingly popular, with Pro Display providing these powerful advertising tools to a number of well-known sports venues. Our SMD LED Perimeter Systems.

which typically have pixel sizes of 10, 12, and 16mm, provide these stadiums with a long-lasting outdoor perimeter display solution that is also IP65-rated and weather resistant. Additionally, these screen systems, which are ideal for advertising to large crowds and through television broadcast, have higher brightness and wider viewing angles, making them ideal for advertising during high-profile sporting events, particularly those with large crowds and that are broadcast internationally. In addition to increasing the visibility of advertisements, displaying video material on these screens helps to highlight the value or quality of a stadium, making it a more appealing advertising location and potentially allowing the stadium to charge a higher price for the opportunity.

Pro Display’s LED range is even more impressive as a result of the integrated options that are offer

Although it is one thing to provide a screen solution, Pro Display understands that LED displays can provide a business with much more than just digital signage. They can also provide a business with the opportunity to brand themselves with superior screen technology.

Which can help them stand out on a competitive high street, especially at night. When it comes to branding opportunities for a firm, one of the most well-known is the building facia, which may include a shop front sign, logos, and typography. The majority of the time, these are static physical signs that provide little in the way of new or interesting content – they are necessary components of a brick and mortar business, but they are often underutilised in terms of their potential. These are the situations where LED Video Signs from Pro Display come in handy.

As an innovative approach to building or fascia branding

These screen systems combine the best of static and dynamic branding to create a unique experience. This application may not be feasible with a standard LED screen due to the demand for static information. The screen content would most likely need to be maintain static, displaying the business name at all times, in order to meet the staple requirement.

As a result, the company is unlikely to take advantage of the video playback and showcase feature, which is one of the most significant advantages of using a digital screen in this context. Using an LED Film Sign, however, the company may present an instructive film on the LED screen while also showing the company’s traditional sign on the wall. They are a perfect complement to one another, allowing the business to display their best showcase content, which may help increase footfall, without sacrificing this staple fitting that establishes the shop or business name, allowing the two signs to work together in order to maximise the benefits of each sign individually.

Pro Display’s LED solutions are not limited to this

They are also innovative and exciting. As an example, transparent LED panels allow businesses to display and integrate video information into glass fascias without blocking out the view from the inside, which is a truly unique technique to display and integrate video information. These screens are ideal for corporate applications in buildings with large glass sections that appreciate the natural light that this type of construction provides, which has been show to have a positive impact on employee productivity, health, and well-being.

A translucent LED screen allows businesses to continue to enjoy the benefits of nature while simultaneously displaying showcase branding on their corporate building, which can be view from the outside, on their corporate building. By virtue of the way Transparent LED Screens are form, outside ambient light and the view can still flow through for the benefit of the inhabitants, while the LED strips preserve transparency in the vast spaces between them.

Using this screen, the advantages of LED technology are maximize by allowing

The LED strips to continue to link to form an image on the outside while not blocking out. The spaces in between, which would otherwise obstruct views from inside. This type of effect is actually only achievable with LED technology. Due to the way the visual picture is create in the first place. This is in addition to allowing you to take use of LED technology’s. Penchant for modular design, which allows large scale screens. To blended into an effective and compelling visual display on a large glass building.

The spectacular LED Mirror Video Walls

Which provide a beautiful and dramatic mirrored display solution. With high brightness and outstanding visuals, are perhaps. One of Pro Display’s most unique LED solutions. As they provide a beautiful and dramatic mirrored display solution. With high brightness and outstanding visuals. Until the displays behind it display material. This device appears to be a regular mirror, displaying. The content through the mirror and demonstrating. The best of mirror and screen integration at its most basic levels.

Mirror vison LED Walls are ideal for high-end or luxury environments due. To the amazing visual impression they provide, which aids in the construction. And enforcement of a premium ambience mustangled. Which may represent higher costs or higher levels of customer care. It is possible to create brighter and punchier images. That penetrate astonishingly efficiently through the mirror surface. When LED is use in this manner, guaranteeing that. The overall visual effect of the display is not lessened by the combination of screen and mirror. It is suitable for high-end hotel reception areas, corporate headquarters. Experiential locations, and even museums to use this type of display system.