Nutritionist Disability Insurance

In this present time working income is considered as the biggest asset. By any case if you lose earning potential its straightaway likes losing your biggest asset. But, do you know what the biggest threat to your asset is? Disability Yes, you heard it right. Disability can hamper your growth and progress as you won’t be able to work and earn money.

We all know that no one can earn money without working. But if I tell you that even this is possible than would you believe? INSTANT DISABILITY brings Nutritionist Disability Insurance for you. This policy protects your income and works like a substitute to your original income when unable to do work due to disability caused by any injury or disease etc.

The demand for nutritionists has grown these days a lot because of increasing awareness about importance of nutrition in our lives. Nutritionists are everywhere from fitness industry to models, healthcare, actors , sports persons all hire nutritionists which allows them to earn some good amount of money. So with it protecting your income is equally important but how would you do this? The answer is very fair and simple – Nutritionist Disability Insurance.

How to get this policy?

Nutritionists can get this policy either from their employer or company under which they are working or in case if you are an independent practitioner than you can buy it in the form of individual policy.

Policy from the employer are generally provided in the form of group disability but if your requirements and security is not enough than you can also go on for buying additional protection .

To buy the policy you can either contact an insurance agent otherwise the convenient method is to apply through online mode or by conventional method of paper work can be done in the company office.

Benefits of Nutritionist Disability Insurance

The biggest benefit is that it protects your income by giving you a financial security.

The income coverage will extend the protection to around 60-70% of your last drawn income and the insurance amount will be given to you on monthly basis.

You also don’t need to worry about the time period of insurance policy as you can enjoy the benefits till the age of around 60-70 years or until you are fit enough to get back to your work.

The Insurance amount certainly helps in recovery period as it gives more peace of mind to you.

Post recovery benefits is something that is kind of a bonus as you get this while you have started working again but you are not receiving the same amount when you left your job .

Elimination period is also small which an additional bonus.

Cost of living adjustment is another most important rider provided. This is often also called as an inflation rider. In this the amount of coverage is increased according to the rate in which inflation is growing.

Claiming of disability insurance has become very easy which has become more convenient for the customers.