Multiple Choice Exam (MCQ) – How to Crack It?

Multiple-choice exams (MCQs) with a minus sign are the current trends in international exams. Some students are afraid of pattern exams. Because choosing can be confusing, dangerous, and risky, especially if your test prep isn’t 100%, we’ll discuss how to improve your multiple choice exam (MCQ) solving/cracking scores.

After taking 3 of the 20 most popular certification exams (Sun Java, Value Engg, PMP) based on the MCQ format, I came to the conclusion that the NTS Mcqs is like a driving test. These driving tests are not about starting the engine. Accelerate and go for it. On the other hand, it is a matter of general understanding of the car itself (i.e. the test pattern), navigation skills. (When to accelerate? When to slow down? Always in control Drive defensively), know all road signs and rules – high Speed ​​lanes are for overtaking only (e.g. urgent questions only if necessary) Give way to the car if necessary for safety . (Skip difficult questions. Watch out for potholes/obstacles/wet roads and slow down (e.g., be careful with difficult questions and don’t get distracted) Completely follow the test takers’ instructions. (follow the question’s instructions) What you think of us can expect), etc. Below are some general tips for cracking the multiple choice exam (MCQ):

Before the exam (during preparation)

1) Understand the exam format thoroughly. Know all parts of the exam and prepare after evaluating the negative score patterns of the exam.

2) Understand yourself, i.e. know your strengths and weaknesses. Strengths that you can answer questions within 30 seconds of preparation after sleeping. and weaknesses you have history marked wrong choices. Even after thinking about the question for a few minutes.

3) Master the art of speed, accuracy and intuition Know a little bit of probability to decide whether your chances of success in answering a question are worth it or foolish. only a thin line that separates intelligence from stupidity

4) It’s old gold. Try to solve last year’s questions. to understand the exam pattern And build speed, accuracy and know that your feelings are often right or wrong. You can download last year’s questionnaires online from various sources.

5) Please note that the MCQ format also tests candidates’ differentiation skills. If one could develop the skill to eliminate one or two of the four options. One or two options are on the way. Even if you think the right choice is not one of them. To choose the best option:

6) Some math questions may contain keyboard shortcuts to solve them. in the same way Many theoretical concepts can be learned very well using memorization tools. Everyone remembers how easy it is to learn rainbow sequences using the acronym VIBGYOR (Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red). I made a mnemonic of about 50 abbreviations that I remembered and with great success during the exam. PMP ( also APES stands for Identification of Alternatives, Product Analysis, Expert Judgment and Stakeholders, and CEO stands for Collective Bargaining Agreements, Economic Status and Organizational Structure. ) When it comes to our brains The strength of the transmission signal is determined by use. The more specific synapses are used, the more The stronger the signal. Therefore, regular practice is essential for this method.