Motorcycle Racing Jackets and Suits

With the growing popularity of extreme sports, the concept of motorcycle racing took on a new meaning. From road racing to grand prix to off-road, supercross and freestyle. One thing is certain that you compete. You will fall off your bike at least once.

As mentioned, today’s motorcycle kartexsuits racing jackets and apparel are designed with this in mind. And where you might be hurt, compensate with better protection. The basic principle is to make clothes that attract the most subtle parts of the body. So that it glides cleanly through the river or dirt without shedding or tearing.

The shirt may have some type of armour attached or it may be removable. 

There are many types of armour. Thick foam to shock-absorbing plastic and hard rubber covers.

When you buy a jacket and/or jersey, the armour is CE certified Europe certified This is a European certification level that divides armour into three levels: Level 1 is the least protective, Level 3 is the highest.

At least the jersey should have protection on the shoulders and hips. Pants should have extra protection at the knees and waist. Double-breasted, the upper part of the jacket usually has a zipper at the bottom. So that the fabric is gathered as one piece when sliding

Back protectors are generally not available in jackets. But some are attached to the jacket. This is because most spinal injuries are caused by rock impacts rather than direct blows to the spine. Rear fenders are often made of hard plastic, as they can be more effective against flying missiles.

Another important consideration for racing jackets is comfort.

Motorcycle jackets are usually made of composite materials. Kevlar sutures, which are based on leather, can be used to reinforce seams. Kevlar sheets or other high tensile strength synthetic materials are used in particularly sensitive areas such as shoulders, elbows and knees. They are often used in strategic areas such as wrists and knees. To allow easy movement in dangerous situations

This is because dark skin is naturally warm. So the jacket is more colourful than the usual black leather jacket. Especially with the combination of colours to attract the attention of runners but also reflect the heat of the sun. Some running jackets use perforated leather to add ventilation to the jacket. Use air vents often for communication.

With the increasing popularity of modern synthetic materials. 

Many racers prefer materials that are stronger and more durable than these leathers because of their cooling, weight, and water-resistant properties. It’s common to find legitimate racing gear that avoids leather entirely.

Today’s modern motorcycle racing apparel uses all the technological know-how to keep racers safe and comfortable. Horse racing jackets are popular among the casual motorcycle community. A little extra armour wouldn’t hurt, and most jackets use removable armour so you won’t see robots at your local bike bar. But the colourful patterns often found in the racing jacket category add a nice touch to any biker’s outfit!

Using these search terms, we can correct the size in seconds, but some drivers are not ideal unless the driver is particularly built around the shoulders, stomach or hips.

You want your clothes to fit as well as possible. 

At Motostrano, we insist that your new leather suit should feel comfortable the first time you try it on. You can only get half-new clothes by wearing them a few times. Skin due in part to the driver’s size and shape.