Make your site more secure and authentic with a cPanel license

Suppose you are present in the online market or need help creating a strong presence. Also if you want to manage your sites, hosting, and server with any kind of tool. Then you must have heard about cPanel. Super easy way to deploy your own cpanel vps hosting on managed cheap ssd vps server. It is the very best platform to grab everything you want for your site. But you will think that you can get some of the necessary things in one place. When you purchase a reasonable cPanel license for the site. That thing will help you to make your site more secure and credible. Numerous web hosting companies offer their high-quality services at very competitive prices. Hosting companies also sell cPanel licenses for dedicated and VPS servers. To manage the website properly they offer you user-friendly and secure services.

But there is a problem that people face. They need to learn what cPanel exactly is and why we need it. So through this article, you learn about cPanel and its works.

How cPanel makes our life easier?

First, we know about cPanel then we move further. When you run your new business and make a strong name in the market, you need to figure out how and where to start the process to make your success possible. That’s where you need to buy cPanel. cPanel is a browser Linux-based control panel with a graphical interface that helps you to manage your sites or server. cPanel makes our life easier in running a website very efficiently because when you have a cPanel control panel, you do not need administrators and tech teams. After all, cPanel has all the tools you need in your browser. It helps you to make your site more secure and manageable. Furthermore, cPanel makes it easy to install content management and manage your backups, accounts, and domains. It is the most popular website tool today, and many people use this platform for their sites.

How does cPanel work?

As you know, it is easy to use and convenient because it lets you manage all your web hosting in one place. You can use this platform without any programming skills and professionals because it has a user-friendly interface that helps make your site more secure and reliable. When you look into the control panel interface, you can look at different metrics and sections like space, modules, security, domains, and much more. In simple, cPanel gives you easy access to all aspects of your site. There are some pros of cPanel:

  • Manage all complex tasks of websites in just a few clicks.
  • Install the software with one click.
  • Big and great community to support others.
  • Ease to use and intuitive.
  • Use it easily without any technical support.
  • Manage all the aspects of your site.

Why do you need a cPanel license, and is it necessary?

A cPanel license makes it easy for everyone to run your site efficiently and reliably. With the help of a cheap cPanel license, you can make your site more secure and authentic that is why it is necessary to buy cheap cPanel license. You should buy your cPanel license directly from cPanel. You get a lot of quality features after purchasing a cPanel license. Many hosting companies give you free services for some days as a trial. They give you a 15-day free trial to run your site and check the importance of the cPanel license. Without having a cPanel license, you cannot have any access to some features of cPanel. So, it depends on cPanel license pricing because pricing means a lot. You should get services from any hosting company that offers a cheap cPanel license and get that service instantly to make your site more secure and reliable and enjoy with features and tools of cPanel. 

Here the question arises: What should you do when your cPanel license expires? It would help if you renewed or modified your license instantly because you can use cPanel, but your server access is gone. You will not have any server access after your request expires.

What kind of cPanel license should you purchase?

Suppose you want to get a lot of ease and controlling your servers, hosting accounts, and much more features to your site, so you need a cheap cPanel license for all these things. There are some categories of cPanel licenses, but you should select the one that fits your needs and budget. cPanel license pricing method matters a lot because when you first know the pricing process, you buy your license quickly. In addition, there are VPS and dedicated servers that will have only one account. 

  • VPS servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • Single hosting account
  • Pro license 
  • Premier license

These kinds of licenses you need when you buy a cheap cPanel license to make your site more secure. You know better which support is best for you if you think VPS or dedicated is best suited to your site, so you should buy cPanel license for VPS and dedicated servers. Navicosoft helps you provide all these kinds of licenses at a very economical rate. You can easily buy your cheap cPanel license with them. You place your order and purchase your cPanel license from them.

Key features of cPanel:

Database management:

When you use CMS to manage and create your website, so you need a database because it helps you to store posts, plugins, and other important information. There are MySQL Databases, PHPMyAdmin, and many more databases.

Email Management:

The great thing about cPanel is it provides you with great features related to email configuration. You can set up email accounts, looking your inbox, and many other things.

Domain management:

You can manage your domains by accessing domain-related capabilities to add on parts and sub-domain. The standard domain management features include: DNS manager, Add on Domains, Subdomains, and many other domains.

File management:

The best thing about file manager is you can modify and access all parts of your website by file manager. You can also upload and manage your files easily. The features include site backup, disk usage, images, connections, etc.


Your priority should be security. It would help to make your site more secure with some security measures. The features include an IP blocker, SSL, Encrypt, and many others.


cPanel makes your website run efficiently and smoothly. cPanel provides an appealing interface that is easy to use, user-friendly and well-organized. With a cheap cPanel license, you can make your site more secure, keep it running and also make changes quickly as you want. Navicosoft provides you with these services at a very affordable price. In addition, you can facilitate with their services 24/7.