Mack Trucks – The Power of the Bulldog

Everyone knows when they see a bulldog. The Bulldog has long been a symbol of the Mac truck. The company earned its nickname during the First World War when the British government purchased the Mac AC model to provide troops, food and equipment to its frontline soldiers. Those British soldiers named the truck Bulldog Mac because the flat-nosed hood reminds the British bulldog of a British mascot. Bulldog has been the trucking industry favorite ever since.

Today it is one of the leading truck manufacturing companies in the world. Now a subsidiary of Volvo, the company’s headquarters are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States. Mac trucks’ primary production facilities are in Macungie, Pennsylvania and Dublin, Virginia. The company is today one of the leading manufacturers of professional vehicles from the eighth to thirteenth grades. It also produces off-road vehicles. The Bulldog logo on the front of each truck is very unique.

Mac trucks have been sold in a total of forty-five countries throughout the company’s history.

Right-hand drive vehicles are currently manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and distributed worldwide. Factories are also located in Caracas, Venezuela and Hagerstown, Maryland, United States. These trucks are one of the most popular heavy trucks on the road because of their longevity and reliability.

In the early 1960s, executive vice president of engineering, Walter May developed the high-torque maxidine engine, which made Mac trucks so popular. The engine first appeared in 1968 with new line trucks. The positioning of the Maxidine engine was an event that would change the trucking industry forever. The engine allowed the heavy-duty Class 8 truck to be driven with a 5-speed transmission. Prior to this time, heavy trucks had 10 or more gears. The development of the Maxidine engine was one of the most popular aspects of the Mac truck, and motorists around the world were soon eager to drive one of these miracle trucks. Since that time the company has been one of the most popular truck brands of all time. Given the story behind their logo, it is not surprising that this tough competitor outperforms many others.