LED Flares DOT Approved

LED flares are an excellent option for driving safety. They operate on 3 AAA batteries and offer lighting and SOS functionality. These devices improve driver safety and can help drivers avoid collisions. Some great brands include Garage Monkey and Hokena. These flares are durable and feature long battery life. They also offer multiple light settings.

LED Flares

LED flares have many advantages over traditional flares. They are waterproof, IP67-rated, and can withstand thirty tons of weight. This means they are safe from damage even if a car drives over them. They are also magnetic, making them easy to attach to a vehicle.

LED flares are versatile and can be used on both road and non-road vehicles. They can also be used as a camping, hunting, and fishing emergency indicator. They can blink at different rates, making them ideal for situations when visibility is important. You can even set the LED flares to blink more than their average rate.

LED flares should be stored in a protective bag. A poorly designed carrying case can ruin a high-quality flare. Most people store their flares in their truck or vehicle. If you need to store your LED flares, be sure to select a case designed for this purpose. The bag should be made to withstand the weather in your region.

When shopping for LED road flares, make sure to find one that is DOT approved. The DOT is the government agency that regulates safety on public roads. The DOT regulations set the standards for what type of lights are allowed on the road.


Marcala LED flares are DOT-approved and are designed to increase visibility in traffic, especially in hazardous conditions. They operate on 9 different modes of light, are water-resistant and are easy to use with just a simple click of a button. The flares come with a carry case and whistle for added safety and convenience. The LEDs are bright enough to alert drivers up to two miles away and can even be used during the day to warn motorists of a potential hazard.

The LED flares are easy to operate, even if you have no previous experience with LEDs. The user guide included in the package helps you learn how to use your new light. There are 9 flashing modes, including SOS rescue mode, alternate blinks, single blink, quad flash, rotating, and steady on high. LED flares can be switched on and off by pressing a button for three seconds.

LED flares can be used on non-road vehicles. They also work as a flashlight and can illuminate a vehicle. They are DOT-approved and can be used by anyone, including new drivers.


Whether you’re on the road or working on an industrial site, you should have some kind of LED flare nearby to help you stay visible. These flares are made from powerful red LEDs with 50,000-hour lifespans and can be seen for up to 2 miles away. They’re also lightweight and crush-resistant and feature a powerful magnetic base to keep them in place. They’re available in a set of three and come with a handy storage bag.

The durable construction of the Stonepoint LED flares makes them an excellent choice for roadside emergencies, such as road marks or maritime salvage operations. Their IP67 water-proof certification allows them to float on water, and they’re made of super-strong industrial engineering ABS plastic. Moreover, they are crushproof, so they can withstand the weight of trucks up to 30 tons.

The LED flares come with a user manual and are easy to operate. They feature nine flashing modes that include the SOS rescue mode, rotating mode, quad flash mode, and single blink mode. They also have a top LED flashlight with ten hours of life.

Lumen Wand

Lumen Wand LED flares are DOT-approved and waterproof, which makes them a great choice for outdoor use. The triangle-shaped flares feature two modes, solid-on and flash, and a single switch that activates both modes. These flares can be hung under the hood, and they feature a stand that holds them securely. They come with three AAA batteries, and they come packaged in a compact, hard-sided case.

Lumen Wand LED road flares are made to be used in any orientation, and their DOT-approved design means that they won’t lose their intensity if a vehicle is traveling in the opposite direction. These LED flares come in sets of two, and each flare features a red LED array at the top of a reflective shaft. The product is also non-hypnotic, so you won’t confuse other drivers.

When you’re trying to make a decision on which road flares to use, you need to consider several factors. First of all, LEDs are safer and less energy-intensive than traditional flares. They are also more effective in protecting roadside properties, and the reusability of LEDs helps protect the environment. In addition to being safer, LED road flares are easier to operate and will give you longer-lasting illumination.