King size adjustable bed and mattress

You can upgrade to a larger bed and get optimal comfort with an adjustable mattress. Adjustable bed frames, unlike traditional foundations, lift your upper or lower body.

An elevated sleeping position can improve circulation and breathing. You might find the right combination of an adjustable mattress and a king-sized bed to give you a good night’s rest.

What is a king-size mattress and how does it compare to other mattresses?

A king is the biggest standard mattress size and measures at 76inches wide and 80inches long. King beds are more popular for couples than any other size of mattress. They have 38 inches each, making them ideal for those who sleep in a couple

Another variation of the king mattress is the divided kingdom. King size adjustable bed frame is the same as a standard king bed, except that the bed’s middle is split into two separate beds. A split king can be made with two twin XL beds.

If you have different sleeping preferences than your partner, you may prefer a split king. This will allow you both to have what you want and not compromise comfort or support. You can pair both a split king and king-size bed with an adjustable one. There are other customizable bed sizes that you might be interested in.

About adjustable mattresses

An adjustable bed frame can automatically raise the upper and/or lower body using a single button. In hospitals, adjustable bed bases were initially created for maximum comfort and faster recovery. Over time, adjustable beds were created by the mattress industry for its potential customers to enjoy in their homes.

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Today, an adjustable foundation base can be considered a luxury. Not only are its health benefits great, but they also have unique features that differ depending on the brand. An adjustable foundation holds the mattress in its place, and retainer bars prevent the bed from sliding. A bedroom with adjustable foundations is a wonderful addition. They can be used with many mattress types including hybrid and memory foam.

Special features

You may find additional features in adjustable beds such as under-bed illumination, full-body massage, or USB charging ports. The brand determines the number of these special features. They are there to give you a luxury experience.

Preset positions

Adjustable beds come with programmable positions that allow you to choose the position that is most comfortable for you. The base automatically adjusts when you get into bed. This program makes it easier for you to feel comfortable.

Full-body massage

A lot of adjustable beds feature a full-body massage. The vibration against the skin can ease tension and improve relaxation. It can also improve sleep quality.

Some beds can double as alarms with the massage feature. A gentle vibration will gradually wake you up instead of a loud and irritating alarm.