How Parents Can Help Kids Memorize The Quran?

Every parent wishes for their child to remember the Quran in its entirety or in part. Many of them start enthusiastically, only to lose all motivation shortly thereafter. There are numerous factors that can cause this beautiful trip to come to a stop or slow down. Here are ten helpful ideas for teaching your child to memorize the Quran effectively.

Online hifz courses are available on our quran memorization program, which can be availed because kids nowadays are addicted to using electronic gadgets. That way they will learn with enthusiasm. 

1.  Tell Them Why They Are Learning

A young child does not fully realize why they must memorize the Quran every day. What is the significance of it? Why should they leave playing in order to learn the Quran? They will understand the objective of these sessions when you explain some of the benefits of memorizing the Holy Quran.

2.          Know Your Kids Learning Type

Because each child is unique, they all have various learning styles. It will benefit you the most if you can find the correct type of learning for your children. Your children could be visual learners or auditory learners. You must get to know your children well in order to convey the importance of learning in Islam to them.

You’ll only need to provide them with the best source once you’ve found it. If your kids are visual learners, consider teaching them how to memorize the Quran using a color and drawing book. Children enjoy coloring and drawing, which makes it easier for them to remember what is inside it.

3.          Start With The Basics

To learn how to recite the Quran with Tajweed, we must first understand the essentials, such as the Arabic alphabet and how to read whole words and sentences.

The first stage in learning how to accurately read the Quran is to grasp the fundamentals, such as the Arabic letters and their associated forms.

4.          Start With The Easiest Way

Children prefer to learn things in the simplest way possible, therefore don’t make it difficult for them to memorize the Quran. Try using a short surah from the Quran, such as Al Fatihah. This surah will be recited daily 5 times in every prayer. So your kids will learn easily.

5.          Teaching the Tajweed

Gradually teach your kids how to recite the Quran correctly. The way it should be recited as the Holy Quran is written by Allah and it was revealed to our Prophet (SAW). By teaching them tajweed they will learn the correct pronunciation of each word and the correct sounds of letters.

Learning the Quran and how to teach the Quran needs patience. But the reward will be the same as ten deeds for reciting a single word. 

6.          Learning Environment

There should be a quiet room, and limited use of mobiles and television. There shouldn’t be any kind of disturbance or other people who can distract them. This is the best key by this way your kids will have online hifz courses. Parents should strictly advise the kids to take online classes and don’t miss them.

7.          Get Involved As Much As You Can

Parents have no engagement because they believe that all children progress at the same rate. Parents, on the other hand, should be involved. Parents should sit with their children for 10 to 15 minutes. Also, see if the teacher is good or just passing the time with your child.

The kids have no fear of teachers because it is an online Hifz course and no one is physically present there. So the parents should be there physically.

8.          Create Routine

The most effective method for memorizing the Quran is to establish a routine. When your children know when to expect the memorizing session, they will be psychologically prepared, and you will not have to waste time and effort persuading them to sit down with you every day. 

Regularity is the cornerstone of your child’s progress, thus having a schedule is essential. One of the finest possibilities is to observe Maghrib time. Begin the online Hifz course by praying the Maghribsalah with your kid.

Choose a quiet, comfortable, and distraction-free location for your sessions and stick to it. It also instills discipline. Ascertain that your child has had a filling lunch or snack, as well as adequate rest so that they are energized and their focus is at its best. Remember not to make the Quran sessions too long so that the small children become exhausted and bored.

Bottom Line 

Overall, we should all prioritize teaching children the Quran since we are accountable for guiding them down the right path because today’s children will be the future of Muslim ummah. In a nutshell, parents must develop the habit of knowing the Quran from an early age.

Furthermore, this does not imply that parents should just use force on their children to learn the Quran, rather parents should improvise and employ methods that make learning easier and more enjoyable for children.