What is the ivf success rate in india and how much does ivf cost?

IVF or In-vitro Fertilization is a blessing for couples struggling to get pregnant and dreaming of having a child. IVF procedure starts with retrieving the eggs from the female body & mixing the egg with the sperm of her partner in their bodies. An IVF procedure result is different between couples and from one clinic to another. In light of the above factors, the IVF success rate in India ranges between 30 and 35 percent. On average, IVF has a success rate of approximately 40% for women in their early childbirth years across the globe. The likelihood of success increases for women younger than 35 years of age.

The IVF Success Rate Of The Above 40 Years

The IVF success rate in India for women at 40 and up is experiencing lower fertility rates than they could have earlier in their lives. It is primarily because of maternal age-related egg dropping, which is often the cause of problems when undergoing ART techniques like IVF.

When couples attempt to have a baby, Fertility issues like poor egg quality & quantity decrease the chances of having a baby. Through treatments such as IVF, the likelihood of getting pregnant can be improved.

Based on a study done in collaboration with the Centres for Disease Control and Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Research has revealed that when we use embryos that are fresh to use for IVF, then the success rates over 40 are as follows:

  • 40-year-olds have a 20% chance of getting their desired pregnancy result within a single IVF cycle, and 14% of the chance is during their IVF duration.
  • Women who are 41 years old have 10% percent from IVF cycles, and 5% percent of live births lead to having a healthy baby.
  • For women over 42, the IVF success rate is between 12% and 7% percent for live birth, respectively.
  • Over the 43 years, the IVF success rate slowly fell to around 8% percent. And, 3% percent is the minimum in any pregnancy that is healthy.
  • At 44, there is an average of 6% chance of being pregnant. And a 33% chance of live births resulting from IVF.
  • If you’re a woman over 45, there is a 3% chance of having a baby and 1% live birth.

What is the IVF Procedure?

This procedure is also called In Vitro Fertilization or Test Tube Baby. For fertilization, women’s eggs are combined with men’s semen out of the body into a glass container for 3 to 5 days. After embryo culture completes, fertilized eggs are later transferred to the uterus to determine whether a pregnancy is possible.

IVF Success Rate in India Is Determined by What Factors?

As you get older, the chance of becoming pregnant decreases naturally. Although, through IVF, the success rate in younger women is above than the success rate for women over 40.

IVF success rate in India of the In Vitro Fertilization is depending on several aspects, as explained below:

  • Female partner age
  • The infertility duration
  • Infertility type (primary and secondary)
  • The reason for infertility
  • Quality of the sperm-egg and embryo
  • Development of the endometrial system
  • The luteal phase following transfer
  • A previous miscarriage

An IVF Doctor’s Expertise

We recommend you consider the IVF doctor’s expertise while searching for a fertility expert for your treatment. Researchers found that a higher IVF success  rate in India is often the result of an IVF clinic with an experienced physician in this area.

How Much Does IVF Cost in India?

The IVF treatment cost in India is lower than that of most developed countries, including Singapore, the UK & the United States. The results of the Indian hospitals and the IVF success rate in India are similar to other countries. In India, the average cost of IVF ranges from Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 5 Lakh, including medication costs. For example, I am a resident of Jaipur, So I have an idea of the IVF cost in Jaipur, which is quite affordable compared to other metropolitan cities at the leading IVF centre in Jaipur (Mishka IVF). That has highly experienced doctors that provide top of the line treatments and an appropriate success rate for their patients.


Those seeking fertility treatment in India have many choices. Moreover, It’s among the top five nations with the highest fertility rates worldwide. And has a wide range of affordable alternatives for those considering these treatments. If you’re thinking of having IVF treatment in another country or cutting costs on fertility treatment, think about taking a trip to India to choose the best suitable treatment option for yourself.