Is There a Difference Between Nursery School and Preschool?

Most parents do not know the difference between nursery school and preschool. They think that the two terms are similar, but they are wrong! Parents looking for a preschool in Pune should understand that it is different from nursery schools. If you filter the options, you will find clear segregation amongst schools in Pune city. It is vital to understand the difference to make the right decision and choose the apt school type for children. So let us dig deeper and find out all the necessary details about these two types of schools. 

What is a nursery school?

A nursery is an extended version of a preschool. They have a better and stronger focus on learning and education. Hence, they incorporate physical activities, innovative learning practices, and more to make it a fun experience. There are plenty of leisure activities in which the children can engage. These get designed to make children understand the concepts in a fun way. Children of more than four years of age can get admission into a nursery before attending formal school and starting their educational journey. 

What is a preschool?

A preschool is popularly known as a play-way school. The main focus of these schools is to work on making children confident and independent enough to spend some time away from home. It is the first place where they stay for a few hours alone without you. They play, learn, eat, live with other kids and improve the skills like communication and cooperation. The focus is not on learning or understanding the concept. However, it does prepare children for nursery and formal school education. Children above three years of age can enrol in a preschool and start their educational journey. 

Difference between a nursery and a preschool

It is evident from the definitions that nurseries and preschools are two different concepts. Let us discuss some significant differences to help parents understand the terms. 

  • Nursery schools enrol students of more than four years of age. However, the child needs to be more than three years old to join a preschool. Though the exact age can vary for different countries, the difference of a year stays between nursery school and preschool stays.
  • Nurseries emphasize education and learning as they make the students learn various concepts to prepare them for formal school education. Preschools are different. They prioritize activities and fun games to keep the children engaged. Though it may sound like all fun place, these activities get carefully selected to aid learning. 
  • Nursery schools in Pune city are like preparatory school that prepares students for formal learning. However, a preschool in Pune has a broader concept. How the place is and what your child does there depends on the learning methodology. 
  • If your child joins a preschool, there are chances that it offers nursery as an extended program. However, joining a nursery indicates you already missed enrolling your child in a preschool. 

These are the common differences between a preschool and a nursery school in Pune city or, in fact, anywhere globally. You, as a parent, should have thorough information on these concepts to decide where to send your child. Once you know the difference, it gets easier to explore all the options and find a relevant one for your child. Dig deeper and get all the information about the school where you want to enrol your child. Visit the place personally and refer to the views of fellow parents to get a better idea about the quality of education and make decision-making convenient. Then, choose the best and apt option and give your child’s educational journey a good start.