iPhone 7 Screen Replacement: Questions to Ask Service Centre

Did you accidentally drop your iPhone 7 on the ground from a height? If yes, its screen might have cracked due to the drop impact. A damaged screen, however, does not mean you need to go shopping for a new device. You have the option of visiting a service centre for iPhone 7 screen replacement in your city. After its repair technician replaces the screen, your Apple phone will perform and look as good as new. 

You, however, should not hand over your iPhone 7 to any mobile phone repair shop. You must find a reliable centre for iPhone repair. Here are five questions that can help you in determining whether a centre is right for your device or not. Call its customer support and ask the executive these questions:  

When did you open your centre in the city?

A well-established service centre focused on iPhone repair is most likely to have all the necessary resources. And, it is also easier to check its reputation, as it might have handled thousands of iPhone screen replacement jobs. You are likely to find reviews about its services on online review sites.  

A newly opened service centre is an unknown entity, and it might not yet be well-equipped to do an excellent iPhone screen repair job. And, as it has not served many customers, it will be tough for you to determine its reliability.   

How many years of experience do your technicians have?

Experienced repair technicians have the know-how needed to replace your device screen efficiently. Those who are still learning the basics of iPhone repair might cause further damage to your device. Make sure that the technician who will handle your device is very experienced and well-trained.  

Do you use genuine parts?

The iPhone screen offers a top-quality experience because it is an Apple-designed component. And if you replace it with a sub-standard duplicate part, it will perform like other ordinary phone screens. You have to make sure that the centre only installs a genuine iPhone 7 screen. 

How long do you take to replace the screen?

Well-equipped and well-trained technicians might take a couple of hours to fix your device. It might, however, take them a day, or more than that, to do the iPhone 7 screen replacement if their centre receives a high volume of repair requests. Also, it might take more than a day if the drop impact has caused damage to other parts. As you are heavily dependent on your phone, it is best to find a service centre that does high-quality iPhone repair in the quickest time possible.     

How much does it cost?         

It is best to get an estimate of the repair cost. It will save you from hidden costs and the shock of an exorbitant repair fee.    

Final Words 

In your city, you will find more than a couple of third-party service centres for iPhone 7 screen replacement. You need to visit the one that does top-quality repair within 24 hours and charges you a reasonable repair fee.