How Your Hormones Affects Weight Loss and Fat Storage.

In our 20’s, we run to achieve our goals, grow financially and earn a reputation. In our 30’s, we look at having a settled life and running a happy family. By the time we reach our 50’s, we understand that the true treasure is our health, which outruns all the above-said achievements. Health is the most underrated treasure that we don’t get the hitch of instantly. And, one of the most commonly faced health issues is Weight Loss. This one bug heads a complete path towards multiple health complications, of which a few may be fatal also. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we take the required measures to reduce our weight and stay healthy. However, let’s look at a few causes that lead to putting on weight and also there is coupon for products.

Causes for putting on Weight

  • Genes or genetics. 
  • Undisciplined food habits. 
  • Health issues like Diabetes, etc. 
  • Hormones. 

Genetics and heredity are the primary causes of obesity in many of them. This is a birth condition that can be rendered down by taking some measures in the future. Food habits can be got on track with some rules and disciplines. Diabetes can be controlled with some medications. But, hormones! Do tablets control them as effectively as we want? What is their role in weight loss and fat storage? 

Hormones are chemical messengers which govern various processes in our body. These are like the unexpected soldiers from the opponent teams in a battle. We don’t know what their plan is, and we are supposed to be ready for any kind of attack. However, various types of hormones cause obesity, and a few of them are: 

  • Leptin

This is the hormone dripped into our bloodstream, generated by the fat cells. This hormone reduces the tendency to eat by acting in some centers of the brain. However, there is considerably a lower impact of this hormone released in people with obesity. Gradually they don’t feel their appetite being full and tend to eat more, leading to gaining weight. The best practice for this is to reduce the quantity of food or split the meals into 6-7 proportional meals. 

  • Insulin

This is the most common hormone that leads to weight gain and fat storage. Insulin is the glucose regulatory hormone secreted by the Islets of Langerhans glands in the pancreas. The actual role of this hormone is to manage fat metabolism. In simple words, they break down the fat cells from different parts of the body like muscles, blood tissues, etc., and reduce them into simple cells. But, for people who are obese, insulin seems to stay quiet. They don’t synthesize the fat cells, which leads to ultra-fat storage and an increase in glucose levels. Ultimately it leads to diabetes and an increase in weight. The best practice is to consult a medical professional and take required capsules or injections to maintain the levels of insulin and make sure they are cutting down fat storage. 

  • Sex Hormones

Wondering how sex hormones play a role in weight loss? Simple, those hormones also take part in fat distribution. Hormones like Oestrogen and Androgens in women and men respectively vary their levels of secretion as age increases. They regulate the fat distribution as in the places to store fat in various parts of the body. In the case of premenopausal women and men, oestrogen and androgen respectively advise the fat to get sorted in equal distribution around the lower body. But as age increases, they tend to settle the fat around the belly (abdomen) and hip part of the body. This increases fat storage around our belly, which is difficult to reduce without exercise and other workouts.

These are a few primary hormones that regulate weight loss and fat storage. The best practice to keep these hormones in control is to maintain our food habits, get regular checkups to see if they are in control, and take medications if needed. 

How to cut down weight and unwanted fat storage

There are various ways to cut down on weight. In recent days, numerous technologies have developed with equipped machinery and modified food habits topping the list. People usually have a wrong conception that curbing or cutting down certain portions of food will help lose weight, which is not true. A proper diet with regular exercise will help in reducing fat storage and lose weight much more efficiently. 


Weight gain and fat storage lead to several problems and complications in the human body. It is of utmost importance to have a watch on our fat storage and distribution activity and weight gain. These complications get so fatal that sometimes they reach surgery or operation. Daily exercises, breaking down meals into equal portions, and staying hydrated will help the most in cutting down fat and weight loss.