How to write a thesis statement in 9 simple steps

“The essential key to your successful essay is the solid thesis statement”

A well-written thesis statement makes all the difference. The main purpose of this statement is to summarize and introduce your topic at the same time. You must present it most eloquently.

A good thesis statement captures the essence of an essay and presents it in the first paragraph of the introduction. The thesis statement should be strong enough to hold the essay by itself. The reader should be able to understand what the essay is about with the help of the statement.

No matter what the essay is about or what type of essay it is, the thesis statement should have these characteristics; proper length, good grammar, position, and strength. The statement should be able to captivate and convince your reader.

 If you want, you can make it a question or a strongly biased opinion. It depends on the type of essay. You can compose a thesis statement for every essay and each should serve its purpose well.

But how can one achieve such perfection? How do you write a thesis statement that will stay in your reader’s mind? In this blog, you will learn how to compose a good thesis statement with just nine steps.

1.    Brainstorming:

You want brilliance in your statement then you have to make sure you spend time brainstorming. You get an essay topic, you are ready to compose it. But you sit down and think about the structure and every aspect.

 The way you achieve a solid thesis statement is by deciding: What is your main goal? What do you want to achieve by this statement? Do you want to convince the reader about an event or topic or do you want to prove cause and effect? Or do you simply want to prove a hypothesis later in your essay?

2.    Outline and Drafting:

To create a good outline for your thesis statement. Make multiple drafts to achieve perfection, these drafts will guide you without letting you get sidetracked. The outline or draft should contain; the topic, its importance, the reasoning.

For example:

A weak thesis statement“In the spring southern France attracts more tourists than any other season”

A strong thesis statement“In the spring, southern France is filled with tourists because the weather is warm for swimming but not too hot to get sunburn”

3.    The position of statement:

The placement or position of the thesis statement is very critical. The thesis statement should be placed in the introduction of an essay. It should be placed after the first paragraph.

 It should summarize the paragraph as well as link the intro to the body of the essay.

4.    When to write the statement:

There is a common phenomenon among professional writers who provide the best thesis writing Services– The Research Guardian to students. You must write your introduction after you compose the body of the essay.
And there is nothing wrong with that, in fact it benefits your thesis statement. Since the statement is the essence of the essay, it has to be perfect and impeccable.

5.    Structure:

The structure of a thesis statement should be to the point but not vague. You first start with the topic, then give factors that affect the topic and later the reasoning for the said topic. This way you will be able to get a strong and solid structure.
No one wants to read a boring statement, which they can even understand. For example:

A weak thesis statement “The famous Auschwitz twins from the concentration camp will traumatized for life”

A structured thesis statement “The famous Auschwitz twins were experimented for several months that left them scarred for life. To the point that they couldn’t recognize their parents”

6.    Simple and easy to read:

The flow of words should be easy and not complicated. The thesis statement should not be overflowed with unwanted information. The statement should be simple to read and easy to understand. The vocabulary has to be decent but not too complicated.
A lay-man should be able to understand the thesis statement. There should be a need for a dictionary to understand the words. The simplest you have to search any strong resource for hire PhD thesis help to write thesis statements make the most impact on the readers mind.

7.    Approach according to the type:

Always use the thesis statement according to the type of essay. When you compose a persuasive essay, you need a statement that chooses a side to two aspects and persuades the reader to do the same.

For example: “The red color lip stain worn by the women in the 40’s had proven to be a sign of power during the World War 2. The vibrancy and out there properties made it stand out from the other lip colors”

8.    Grammatical and plagiarism tools:

There is not worse than handing in an essay or thesis statement with multiple mistakes that will taint your reputation. You should be very careful while composing the statement. You are allowed to be inspired by someone work but not to exactly copy it word by word. This is why you should always use a grammatical and plagiarism tool that will detect mistakes and correct them right then and there.

9.    Proofreading:

When you have an extra pair of eyes and a strong will to give in your best. Use the best step yet. That is to have another person proofread your thesis statement. Sometimes when you write a sentence, you think that you are making sense. But in actuality you could be make a mistake with the structure or the grammar. Having it proofread by your classmate or friend will give you the advantage of enhancing your perspective.

Expert’s opinion:

Writing an essay or thesis statement can be challenging for students who are not that good at writing. Who do not have the skills to structure a strong thesis statement, this is why one should consider getting a professional writer to compose the thesis statement your essay deserves. Good Luck!