How to Shrink PDF Files(4-Best Tools)

PDF file is ubiquitous around the market from professional academic reports to the market mediakit materials and more. This all because this document format preserves the original formatting of the document, and even feature perfectly on all operating systems as well as devices. And, you can see that it is easy to create and share, means the recipient only requires a free PDF reader to access the original PDF file. But sometimes you want to share PDF over an online medium, but it restricts you with file size limitation, suppose that it does not lets you share PDF file size over 10MB. So what? Quit worrying, thanks to the free PDF file shrinker that takes less than a seconds to shrink pdf file without degrading the quality of your document.

In this context, we listed best tools that helps you to reduce PDF file size within matter of seconds while preserving the original quality.

Remember That!

There’s no any algorithm that exactly reduce or compress PDF file size to 100KB. All the PDF file compression depends on the original size and what elements packed within your PDF document. Well, an authorized source of allow you to shrink pdf file at an optimal level, it always serves pdf compression at a great extent of level. Give a try to this pdf reducer to attain optimized pdf right now.


Preview is a well-known built-in application on macOS, it can allow you to handle most of your basic PDF concerns. Even this tool assists you to reduce PDF file size within no time. You can find that it specifically uses the ‘Quartz Filter’ to shrink PDF file.

All you need to open a PDF file by using Preview, make an instant click on the File’ -> ‘Export’ on the given menu bar. In the given pop-up window, you ought to choose “reduce file size” from the Quartz Filter setting, which is given under the Format setting.

Why to Use:

  • This built-in application is 100% free, means you don’t have to pay a single penny to shrink pdf file size. It is the most reliable and quick way to compress PDF file.

It is referred to as the experts choice web-dependent application that works best to proceed with PDF file compression. You can get its best PDF shrinker that allow you to shrink pdf file size without distorting the quality of the document.

Even it does not matter how many files you want to compress with this pdf file shrinker, it will lets your proceed for free of cost. All you need to seek for “” and fetch compress pdf from the search bar. Once done, upload PDF document files that you want to shrink with this handy tool, then press compress button. Just for a bit of seconds to attain the compressed PDF from this free platform.

Why to Use:

  • The most discussing thing about this platform is that it shrink PDF file size without impacting on any single element of your PDF document. Even lets you shrink files according to different PDF compression level.

Compress PDF for Mac:

This lightweight application developed by Lighten Software to shrink PDF file in an instant. It allows you to simply decide the PDF compression option. You can be able to compress the images to low quality (50 dpi) if required, or even shrunk PDF file size without compromising much image quality (600 dpi, high quality). So, this tool always provided you the balance between image quality and pdf file size reduction.

You ought to simply drag and drop PDF files to the designated area, the file will attempt to shrink PDF file size instant by the default option. It even provided you with the file size and preview the file right after compression. If you’re not at all satisfied with the pdf compression, you could choose a lower quality and smaller dpi. And, if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the image, it lets you choose higher quality and higher dpi settings.

Why to Use:

  • It is referred to as a quick application that allow you to control the PDF file compression setting as you required. It assists you to create your own optimal balanced of compression as well as quality.


It is indicated as a great PDF utility platform that allow you to shrink pdf file with its best online PDF shrinker. All you need to fetch “”, simply choose “Compress PDF” and drag and drop the PDF file that you want to compress with this handy tool. Then, you need to wait for a couple of second until the uploading process is finished. It even allow you people to add PDF document file from the sources of Dropbox or Google Drive. Right after uploading, it will start shrinking your PDF file. Remember that if the output file is not compressed enough, you can be able to still change other pdf compress otpions.

All you need to wait for a while, this PDF file shrinker will allow you to download the compressed PDF file directly.

Why to Use:

  • It is easy to use PDF compress that even does not require email or any other personal information to shrink PDF file size. It is cross-platform platform, means it does not matter what operating systems you’re using to compress your PDF document file. Apart from PDF compression, it provided you with 20 other PDF tools for free of cost