How to Select the Most Appropriate Color Spectrum for Your Freshwater Fish?

Lighting is one of the main parts of any aquarium. It not just gives total energy to photosynthetic plants and is crucial for the general wellbeing and Spectrum of your tank, yet it additionally makes for a beautiful stylish! Picking the proper shading range can grandstand and increase the best tones in both your fish and your plants.

A fish-just freshwater tank doesn’t need lighting for reasons other than enlightening the tank, and basically, any shading range can be utilized securely without hurting your fish. Then again, an established tank requires a lot of very much arranged lighting since plants require light as an energy source. Save 30% Discount on your order by using the Savage CBD Coupon Code.

Our Satellite Series and SereneSun LEDs are the ideal decision for your freshwater tank – you can, without much of a stretch, pick your cherished tones with the full-range, remote-controlled strip light. There are five LED shading ranges we suggest for improving explicit manners on your freshwater fish:


This is our go-to range, and we HIGHLY suggest this range for most freshwater aquariums. Nothing draws out the distinctive shadings and improves your tank like a full, rich RGB (Red, Green, Blue) range of light. It does not just make your fish fly in shading; it additionally will not advance green growth development.

Change Red, Green, and Blue to a similar level (we suggest 100 percent). Assuming you add white range, utilize somewhat (0%-10%).

TIP: Don’t hesitate to develop low and medium-level light plants in the full RGB range. They will become acceptable and dandy with genuinely unique tones.


This hotter white light upgrades reds, greens, oranges, gold, and yellow tones in many fish. Including swordtails, platies, guppies, goldfish, bettas, and disk tetras with red tones, rainbow sharks, and pale-skinned person fish. This range is excellent for live planted aquariums as it mirrors shallow water conditions and, as a rule. Produces higher PAR (PFD) for more grounded plant development.

To accomplish a hotter 8,000K white shading range – change your white LEDs to a more significant level (80%-100 percent). Reds at 80%-100 percent, Green at 75%-100 percent, and turn down the blue range (25% or less).

TIP for LIVE RED Plants: 

To upgrade red and purple tones in live red plants. increment the Blue and Green frequencies and dial down the Red. (Red plants can mirror red light away and assimilate more Green and blue for anthocyanin creation.)


This is an ideal shading range to upgrade the blue, red or even the gleaming silver tones in your fish. It’s generally has a more significant level of blue range light. incredibly fresh as it impersonates clear clean water. It’s great for upgrading the blue tones found in neons and cardinal tetras. numerous African and South American cichlids species.

To dial-in, a “10K white range” basically increment the degree of blue light (80%-100 percent) with dazzling white (75%-100 percent), while turning the red and green deficient (0%-30%.)

TIP: 10,000K White is a magnificent shade for most Discus and African Cichlids; numerous cichlid specialists utilize a marine LED light like our Orbit IC LED. It’s high in 10K White and Blue frequencies, with a touch of RGB tone.


Consolidating a slight freshness of dazzling white with eye-popping imperial blue, this mix is the ideal shading range for cichlids and tetra tanks. The regal blue extraordinarily upgrades the blues and reds ordinarily found in these fish, while a touch of white reflects scales splendidly and creates delicate shine results. Upgrades blue, green, and red tones.

To project a more profound blue range, wrench up the blue to 80-%-100 percent, whites to 20%-30%, red and green levels to 0%-10%.

TIP: This is additionally the best tone for GloFish® fluorescent fish. We’ve observed Green and Red regularly make a hitting stand out from the fluorescent blue. We propose blending in a few higher Green and red ranges (and mood killer the whites.)


A hidden red tint drastically improves freshwater fish and plants’ greens, pinks, blues, and red tones. Like freshwater “pink” fluorescent lights, it’s a famous shading for dawn and dusk and ideal for bringing out staggering red tones.

To “dial-in” a touch of fuchsia, increment the red tone, blue to 75%-100 percent, white lower at 25%-40%, and become Green off (0%).

TIP – This is a dazzling evening tone, particularly while projecting a red-purple foundation shading utilizing a Serene foundation light.

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