How to Prevent Hard Drive from Crashing?

A hard disk is the heart of your computer! It is one of the precious commodities used to save confidential business or employees’ work. That is why it needs to be handled with utmost care.

No wonder, but protecting your hard drive is very important for any business. If you don’t, you need to go to the external hard disk data recovery center or services to save data from the drive. So, to save money, you must take care of the hard disk before it crashes.

This article will enlist the top ways to prevent hard drives from crashing. Read the full article to get sufficient knowledge.

Top Ways Of Preventing Hard Disk Crash 

1. Regular checking

By using different tools, the condition or health of a hard drive will be monitored easily. These tools assist in Reporting, Analysis, or Self-Monitoring Technology.

You might know that when a laptop causes a problem, your hard drive helps in informing the computer. However, you can check this before any major issue occurs. That is how you will prevent disk crashes before occurring.

Moreover, you can download the applications that help inform you about the hard drive status. So, be ready for the problem before it arrives.

2. Command chkdsk

Most of the time, hard disks get errors. The errors could be partition table issues, software issues, physical problems, etc. Here, the Windows chkdsk program can help you. It manages many issues like lost clusters, bad sectors, directory errors, and cross-linked files. Well, the error may lead to an unbootable drive, due to which the end-user will face a downtime.

Now here you can take advantage of chkdsk. Press the command chkdsk X: /f. It will inform you when the disk is locked and ask you whether you need to run chkdsk another time when the system restarts. Now choose Y to allow the action.

3. Separating OS installer

If you have the Linux operating system, you can separate the OS installation from the user’s home directories (~/) onto many drives. It will easily increase the drive’s life span (where the OS is installed). Moreover, it allows you to shift the user data should an OS drive fail.

4. A breathable place

On an everyday basis, PCs are mostly stuck in cabinets having no circulation. That machine mostly gets hot; therefore, it lessens the lifespan of internal components. So, keep the machines in an open space instead of putting them into a tight or unventilated place or room. 

Moreover, if you don’t have a large space, then at least arrange proper ventilation or add a fan there. Doing so will don’t let you head towards computer hard drive recovery services or centers. It will help in cooling down the temperature of the PC. Also, it means your hard drive will be in a safer environment.

5. Check the static

You might have heard that static electricity is the biggest enemy of computer components. So, make sure you ground yourself first. When you fear getting an electric shock whenever touching something, it will be a great sign that you need to use extra caution while handling the drives. Also, you need to take care when you set hard drives down.

People place hard drives into TVs, stereo speakers, systems, and different devices/ appliances that create an electromagnetic wave.

6. Fragmented disk

A fragmented disk is a drive being pushed to operate harder than it should. Every hard drive needs to be used in its most efficient state to detour extra wear and tear. It consists of defragmenting. 

Furthermore, to be on the safe side, automatically set your PC(s) to defrag on a weekly basis. It operates to prolong your hard disk’s life by maintaining the file structure compactly.

7. Data backup 

Backup is the life savior of the hard disk. No matter how careful you are, always backup your data on a hard drive. It is a basic rule to prevent hard disk data recovery services and save data from loss. 

Moreover, if you backup data on a regular basis, you don’t have to worry about data prevention.


Have you found the above-listed steps helpful in increasing the hard drive’s life? We hope this article is helpful for you as a user. We know that hard drive crashes lead to searching for hard disk data recovery in Singapore or nearby areas. So, follow the guide to prevent hard drive crashes and data loss.

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