How to Play Minecraft For Free?

Minecraft is one of the most loved and most played games worldwide. Millions of people spend a lot of their time playing different versions of this game. Expert players know all about the paid and free versions of this game but being a beginner, however, one can get confused over how to play it for free? For those who are in search of some free trial or free version of Minecraft, it’s good news that it can be played for free. 

Moreover, different games in this category are available at a lower price. Here is how to play this game for free. 

Playing Minecraft for Free

Depending upon the operating system you’re using to play Minecraft, you will have to follow different steps. Here are different methods to play this game for free on iPhone, Android, and Window-10 respectively. 

How to Play Minecraft for Free on an iPhone? 

It’s impossible to play the official Minecraft for free on your iPhone. However, different sites offer free downloads and free trials of this game for free. However, it’s not good to use Minecraft via these sites as these may result in viruses on your iOS. Moreover, playing Minecraft on a console, PC, or laptop is free. If you have these sources, you can play the game for free by following the instructions for Android. 

How to Play Minecraft for Free on Android?

If you have an Android operating system, it’s possible to play and create Minecraft houses for free. Here are easy steps to do so. 

1- Open Minecraft’s Official Site

To play Minecraft for free on any PC, laptop, or Android operating system, visit its official website. There, you’ll see the ” Android ” icon. Click this icon. This will redirect you to the Google Play store. 

2- Download the Game 

When you click the ” Android ” icon on the official site of Minecraft, here you’ll encounter the ” Install ” icon. Hit this tab and wait for till the process completes. 

3- Register the Game 

After the game has been successfully downloaded, open it to any of the above-mentioned sources that you are using to play. Register or sign in to an existing account. This will give you free access to a 90 minutes free trial. 

Through this free trial ends in 90 minutes, you can double this time by following these tips. 

  • Try to stop playing the game before it reaches the given time i.e 90 minutes. It’s good not to play for more than 80 minutes. 
  • After saving the current Minecraft world, quit it. 
  • After you have quit the existing Minecraft world, create another world. It will give you free access to the game for another 90 minutes. 

How to Play Minecraft for Free on Windows 10? 

Though it’s against the user agreement to play Minecraft via T-Launcher, there is no way to play the game for free without it. It may also cause viruses but you can avoid this issue by using antivirus. Here is how to install Minecraft on Consoles using a T-Launcher. 

  • Get the Link to the Game via its official website. 
  • Download the game via a link on another page. 
  • Open the T-Launcher and hit the ” Create and Manage Accounts ” tab. 
  • After selecting the account, hit the orange icon within the launcher to log in. 
  • Once you logged in to the account this way, you’ll be redirected to the download menu. 
  • Now, install and play the game for free.


Minecraft is a very mind-bursting game that is liked and played worldwide. However, most of its packages are paid and there is no access to such versions for free. However, you can play the game for free by following the above-mentioned tips according to your operating system.