How To Play Gacha Neon Game (Guide)

A sequel to Gacha Life, Gacha Neon is the latest version of the game. Since this game is a standalone game, your data and account will not be connected or exported. If you’re a new gamer, you’ll have to start from the beginning. This version differs from the original in that it uses neon color palettes. Furthermore, Elena GachaClub develops new character models, such as Gacha DJs, Luni, and Ramunade.

Playing this game requires that you create a character. Hundreds of clothes, weapons, hats, and many more can be selected to dress up your character in the system. Changing their hairstyles, eyes, mouth, and other parts is possible as well. New items, poses, and more are also included.

Gacha Neon Game

In Studio Mode, you can create scenes and customise the character’s text. This is a great tool for those who enjoy creating stories. Sketches can be created by combining multiple scenes in the Skit Maker feature.

As soon as the character is ready, explore the town and school. Having access to new NPCs and chatting with them is more enjoyable in Life mode. Even without a Wi-Fi connection, you can play this game online.

As well as the main game, the developer prepares some mini-games that are fun to play. The gems and gifts will be collected when you win the games. As you play the mini-games, you will be able to collect more than 100 gifts.


  • There is no need to play the Life version before playing this game.
  • In order to play this game, gamers do not need to download any third-party apps.
  • It’s fun to use all the new items and costumes.


  • Old devices and devices with 4K screens often experience lag when playing this game.
  • Android 6.0 and rooted devices are not compatible with it.

How to Play Gacha Neon

The Gacha Neon Gamersonal and attractive to play by trying the Studio mode. When creating a character, the first eight slots must be filled. If you want to set up a group photo or support your scenario, you can bring the characters into the Studio mode.

Place each character on the screen by tapping the icon at the bottom. Once you have edited everything you want, you are ready to play.

Chat is available in gacha neon apk android. You cannot use this feature until you reach level 10. To boost your level, play the game in life mode and develop as many new relationships as you can.

A standalone dress-up

Although Gacha Neon heavily references Gacha Life, it is an entirely separate game and not a mod. 

The app can be played alone, but your gacha account in any other game cannot be exported-you must start over from scratch. You’ll have to go through the same beginner gameplay again.

Some of its new customization options make use of neon-colored palettes, which is true to the Neon part of its name. Gacha DJs, Luni, and Ramunade are some of the new character models that give the game a vibrant, urban atmosphere. To create your unique virtual avatar, you can still mix and match elements like hair, clothes, and accessories.

Last but not least, 

despite being a free expansion for the original game, it does not try to cash in on the incessant ads. Although this app does not feature third-party apps, you will be able to see native ones showing you promotions and events available to you, your server, or your country. Ads, however, are not intrusive and are seamlessly incorporated into the game.