How to Perform Netgear AC750 Setup?

Netgear AC750 is one of the best WiFi routers that help in improving the existing WiFi range to the preferred areas in your home. Once you are done with the Netgear AC750 setup, you will surely get a blazing-fast WiFi range to access throughout your home.

So, are you a newbie and don’t know how to configure a Netgear AC750 router? Worry not! You are on the right post. This piece of writing will make you aware of the Netgear AC750 setup process from the comfort of your home. Keep scrolling down!

Netgear AC750 Setup via WPS Method

Walk through the easy instructions provided below and know how to set up your Netgear AC750 device using the easiest way, i.e. the WPS method. Continue reading!

Step 1: First things first, unbox your Netgear AC750 WiFi router. Plug the router into a working wall outlet and turn it on.

Step 2: Take an Ethernet cable. Using it, connect your Netgear AC750 router and internet modem.

Step 3: Locate and press the WPS button on your Netgear AC750 WiFi router and wait for a few minutes.

Step 4: Once the wait is over, press the WPS button on your internet modem as well.

Kudos! You are done with the Netgear AC750 setup process using the WPS button. Now, you can connect your wired and wireless devices to the Netgear AC750 router and enjoy streaming the internet from any corner of your house.

What! Your existing internet modem doesn’t have the WPS button? Don’t panic! Just follow the instructions outlined underneath and know how to set up your Netgear AC750 router using the manual method.

Netgear AC750 Setup via Manual Method

Step 1: First things first, connect your Netgear AC750 router and existing modem using an Ethernet cable. Ensure to provide your devices with a steady power supply from a working and damage-free wall outlet.

Step 2: Turn on a desktop or laptop. Make sure that the device is within reach of your Netgear AC750 router and has the latest software installed on it.

Step 3: Log in to your Netgear AC750 router using an up-to-date web browser and using the web address. Make sure to insert the web address in the URL bar only. Use of the search bar is strictly prohibited.

Step 4: As soon as you hit the Enter key, you will see that the Netgear AC750 router login page is displayed. Here, you have to fill in the default login details of your Netgear AC750 device to the required fields and click on Log In.

Step 5: Reaching the Netgear Genie setup page upon hitting the Log In button, you have to follow the on-screen instructions very carefully. Thereafter, you will see that your Netgear AC750 router is configured successfully.

Now, you are free to unplug your Netgear AC750 router and plug it anywhere you want. No matter where you place your router, its WiFi signals will provide you with a continuous internet range to access everywhere. But, do not place your Netgear AC750 router inside a cabinet, beneath a table, or back of anything. The reason is placing your Netgear AC750 router in a congested place will hamper the performance of the device. So, always ensure to place your WiFi device openly on a higher, open, and non-congested surface.

Getting Netgear AC750 Router Setup Issues?

  • Make sure that your Netgear AC750 router and modem and not placed too closely. Although it is important to place the devices closer to each other during the configuration process, placing them too closer may clash their WiFi signals.
  • Be certain that both (your internet modem and router) are not plugged into a damaged wall outlet and not receiving a discontinuous power supply.
  • Ensure that the web address is not entered with typing errors. Prior to using the web browser, clear its browsing history first and do not use the private window.
  • The Netgear AC750 router login details used by you must be correct. If the router login details are set to default, see its manual. And, if you have changed then, consider using the personalized one.
  • Power cycle your Netgear AC750 router. The reason is a minor technical glitch in the device may also interrupt the Netgear AC750 setup process. Rebooting (power cycling) process is one of the easiest ways to fix Netgear AC750 router setup-related issues.


Our article on how to perform Netgear AC750 setup ends here. We hope that you find this piece of writing helpful.