How to Intensify the Home Interior Decor with Wall Shelves?

Wall shelves are an ingenious home decor item that might help to add storage without occupying the floor space. The decor world has morphed the functionalities of the shelves with a touch of creativity. You may transform the shelve into an indispensable item to organize and beautify your interiors in surprising ways with a sense of balance. Depending on the dimension of the room, you may need to instill the shelve to enhance the architectural structure of your home decor.

Thus, WoodenStreet brings an uncountable range of Wall shelves online that might fit every room aesthetic and give a touch of sophistication to your walls. Here are a few creative ideas that might help you stylize your home interiors with a wall shelf at your convenience.

Living Room Centerpiece

The living room of a house is such a place that gets the priority when it comes to home decoration. Every individual spends most of the hours with family members and friends to unload the stress after a hard day. So, keeping the furniture placement and decoration clutter-free might give you a decent and pleasant ambiance to your living room. Whether it’s for keeping your TV set, music system, or other home decor items, the days of bulky furniture pieces are over. For instance,wooden wall shelves living room decor make your space alive and create a place to display your collections. There are varieties of designs, textures, sizes, and shapes available that might accentuate the look of the interior. You may choose a geometric print or floral print shelves to create a gallery wall for portraying your family picture frames.

Likewise, you may also hang a beehive-shaped shelf with glass on your living room wall to give a sophisticated look. Corners are the unutilized space, and placing a fiberboard or wooden wall shelf might amplify the look of your dull corner. The most desirable and suitable area to mount the shelf is behind the sofa or couch. Hanging asymmetrical shape shelves create an offbeat look and represent a unique visual appeal.

Go with the wall shelves for bedroom

One of the effective ways to make your bedroom decor stand out from the rest and give a comfy vibe is by adding some uncluttered furniture. Specifically, a shelf bracket above the bed might create enough space to stack your essentialities or artwork pieces. If you have a space crunch in your bedroom for incorporating varieties of furniture pieces, bringing wooden wall shelves with drawers might provide more functionalities. To keep your necessary items such as wallet and keys, you may opt for a well-crafted traditional style shelf with hooks and fix it near the door to get easy access. You may also use the shelf to keep your favorite books and turn your space into a compact book library. Additionally, you may decorate it with your kid’s toys to make the interior decor neat and appealing.

Accessorize with wall shelves for kitchen

A versatile and multifunctional shelf is an advantageous kitchen decor item that might act as a display and storage unit. Many kitchens lack that area for fixing cabinets, and it costs a lot sometimes. Thus, instilling the wooden wall shelf with a glass door might help you showcase your kitchen essentials, such as designer dining sets, coffee mugs, glasses, and other cooking utensils. It also protects your kitchen accessories from cooking smoke and oil stickiness. Set the shelf in a comfortable position to quickly get the cooking ingredients like oil jar, spices, etc.

A Diverse Look with wall shelves for bathroom

Be it a large or compact bathroom space, mounting a shelf on the wall might help you organize the bathroom accessories like shampoo, body wash, towels, and other needful items in one place. For example, a wall shelf with a colorful side door might mark a distinct appearance to your bathroom decor.


Any design you choose, focusing on the material quality is an important facet. Therefore, Wooden Street offers premium-quality Solid wood wall shelves that ensure longevity and durability at an affordable range. With customization options, you may seamlessly buy the ideal shelve for redefining your interior to look beautiful with curated displays. So, make your home interior more spacious and attractive with exquisite collections of shelves.