How To Find Dissertation Topics That Have Potential Of Research?

A research work is a compulsory part of your degree. Without doing research, you cannot complete your degree. Many students take research work as the most difficult task of a degree. No doubt it is difficult, but it can be made easy and interesting in many ways. Research work itself is not difficult as its topic selection is. If you come up with the right and effective topic of the dissertation, you would not have to suffer forthe rest of the period. Similarly, your negligence in topic selection can lead you towards huge struggle. I suggest you to spend as much time in the selection of dissertation topics as you can. There are many aspects that matter a lot for the selection of dissertation topics. You have to see if you want a unique or hot topic for your research. In the same way, you must have an idea of which techniques can help you well in finding the research topic.

Hence,in the light of the importance of topic, this article aims to guide you in finding the dissertation topics.

How Do I Find A Unique Dissertation Topic?

There are bundles of students who want to work on unique dissertation topics. If you are one of them, first of all you have to clarify what unique dissertation topics mean.A unique topic does not mean to come up with something that does not have ground base. All of the dissertation topics which are still unexplored are taken as unique topics. Or you can say that all such topics which do not have much literature can work as unique one. No doubt, the unique topic expands the horizon of knowledge as well as makes it clear in your mind that it requires lots of effort. You may have to spend lots of extra time on your research. If you are ready to do so, here are some tips for finding unique dissertation topics.

  • Pre Research

You may have made a topic of your choice. Before finalising it, you have to do research on it. Do the research and make sure if there is any source available or not? In research work, you have to provide evidence for claims. Any research without evidence is useless. So, if you have the available resources, then go for your unique dissertation topic help.

  • Unexplored Topic

All the areas that are not completely explored can work as a unique topic for your dissertation. You can research on such areas. If you come up with something unexplored, your contribution will be worth it for sure. You have to deal with such topics in a critical way. Here you must search why the selected area of topic is still unexplored. If you find the reason logical and feel that you can work on it, you must try such dissertation topics.

  • Unsaturated Topic

Many dissertation topics are not new in the research market, but they do not have much literature on them. All of such topics also work as a unique one. By finding the research gap, you can design a unique topic of your interest.

How Do You Find Hot Topics In Research?

You may have heard that researching hot dissertation topics is themost interesting yet daunting task. Yes, this statement is right upto some extent. If the niche of research is interesting for you, then you can work well on hot topics. First of all, make it clear in your mind what is meant by hot topics. Most of the people take current affairs as a hot topic, but there are many more topics. Any topic that is based on new technology can play the role of a hot topic.

In the same way, a hot topic can be the one that is based on some problem of the current time. In recent times, COVID-19 has been the biggest problem of the hour. So, it is considered as one of the hot dissertation topics.

Different ways can guide you on hot topics in research. Froma broader perspective, you can divide it into two ways. The first way is to put an effort from your end. For this, you can read newspapers, blogs and everything that can let you know about current affairs. In this way, you can get which topic is in trending. On the other hand, the second way to know about a hot topic is to ask someone. Here you should go for your advisor. Also, you can ask some of the top researchersof your field.

Where Can I Find Research Topics?

For finding dissertation topics, you have to visit many platforms. For this, you can explore different international research forums. These international research forums can guide you on trendy topics. Furthermore, you can target scholarly websites. Make a list of scholarly websites and shortlist some of the most credible and top websites. On such websites, you can find top credible researchersalong with their work. Here, note down what type of dissertation topics are getting more worth in the current era. That is how you can utilise websites for finding dissertation topics.

Apart from all, you can find dissertation topics from journals as well. First of all, explore the journals of your field and see which typesof topic have more publications. Make a list of such topics. Till now, you have made a list based on its number of publications. After that, you have to shortlist topics based on your interest. Research is a work that demands your interest; otherwise, it would not be less than a headache. So, from an interesting topic, you have to see which topic have more resources. In the end, ask your supervisor for approval and start your research.

Final Thoughts

Dissertation topicsare a fundamental element that helps you make the foundation of research work. If you do not select your dissertation topic wisely, it will surely affect the quality of your dissertation. To select a perfect topic for your dissertation, all of the above-discussed points can help you very well.