How to design great-looking, unique & eco-friendly kraft boxes? 6 easy tips

It is quite clear to everyone that the main aim of packaging is to provide complete protection to products of different types. There is an additional benefit too, and that is to present these items to the customers in an attractive manner. The use of kraft paper box is getting a huge amount of praise as it is multi-featured in nature. The best thing is that it can be made more appealing and dynamic with the help of modern customizations. Learn to know more about such tips that can actually make a huge difference for you. 

Go as Unique as Possible

We know that the competition in the markets is getting more and more intense on a daily basis. Something should be done about it at the earliest if you want to give a tough competition to your counterparts. One important aspect here is to make your kraft boxes as innovative and dynamic as possible to cast a lasting impact on the buyers. It will help them recognize your commodities easily. Your brand will be able to stand out in the market, and you will see huge amounts of sales. The packaging can be made unique with the help of a few simple steps.

To start with, go to the market and see the latest packaging trends to have an idea. Make sure you try out something different to stay dynamic with an aim to attract a greater customer count. You can go with color combinations that are unique and look quite different from others. A different set of colors will always prove to be enough for grabbing the attention of the customers in the best possible manner.

Try Window Fronts & Ribbons

We are looking to make our product boxes more innovative and unique as compared to the packaging solutions from our counterparts. There are a number of ideas that can create a huge difference. One game-changing aspect is to think of having a window front for your kraft paper box. It is a simple yet effective customization idea that can help your brand to stand tall and strong in the market. The customers will be able to see the commodities in a clear manner. They will be able to decide on the spot whether to buy from you or not.

The bonus is that you can make this packaging look more eye-catching with the help of additional custom features. For example, you can go with printed and colorful ribbons on the edges. The ribbons will add a whole new dimension to the box, and it will give a refreshing touch. Such actions may look small in size, but their impacts and significance are much greater than our expectations.

Luxury-Looking Laminations

At times, the product companies go with extra laminations for their boxes with multiple aims in mind. Firstly, they want to increase the overall protective capacities of the packaging to ensure complete protection for the commodities of different types. Secondly, the laminations we are talking about can also improve the outlooks to a greater extent. These are helpful in enhancing the apparent worth of the items. You can choose from a huge number of available options as far as the surface finishes are concerned. Most of the time, matte lamination serves the purpose in a beautiful manner. It is a symbol of elegance and gives a touch of class to the products. Similarly, you can also go with glossy or glittered surfaces as per the nature of your items.

Introduce Sensory Features

In the modern era, technological advancements are taking over our lives in the best possible manner. These are bringing a huge number of transformations in almost all the industries out there. The packaging industry also seems to benefit a lot from such changes. Now you can think of introducing a couple of sensory features to your packaging boxeswhen uniqueness is the main goal for you. The idea is to paste perfumed labels on the packaging front. It can have a rainbow-like texture to grab the attention of your potential buyers. Such scented labels can also have the printed name of your product or brand.

When people see such refreshing add-ons, they will be highly impressed, and you will detect an increase in overall customer count. In the same way, you can go with sensory features that test the sense of touch of your clients. We are talking about an embossed or debossed text as it gives a soothing feel to the people.

Innovative Custom Features

The popularity of custom kraft boxesis on the rise due to the availability of a huge number of customization features. Out of all the available options, the idea of having die-cut designs on your box seems like the most popular ones of all. Die-cut patterns are capable of giving a credible feel to your business as it gives a luxury look to the items. You can write the name of your company in die-cut patterns to highlight the brand’s identity. Similarly, you can also think of having sleeves in your boxes as these are also multi-featured in nature. Firstly, these ensure the protection of your commodities. Secondly, these are known for adding a touch of elegance and class to the boxes.

Eco-Friendly Printing

Printing and packaging industries are made for each other as they complement each other in a number of ways. It is necessary to use eco-friendly inks only to keep the environment a safer place for all of us. Moreover, the dyes and adhesives you go with should also be organic in nature. Printing can help your packaging solutions look more adorable and elaborative. You can bring in some high-definition graphics or certain meaningful illustrations. You can also use the combination for running marketing campaigns for your brand. All these features will help a business grow by letting your potential buyers know everything about your business.

Have a look at the tips and techniques present in the lines above to stay relevant in the market. Make sure you adopt eco-friendly practices only to play a responsible role in the safety of humanity. Start looking for the most trustable vendors that are offering an extensive range of customization and printing features at a reasonable rate.