How to Create a Comfortable and Productive Office Space for Employees

Behind the success of so many businesses is a staff of hard-working individuals that are doing all they can to make the company great. Employees are truly the backbone of a business, which is why business owners work so hard to find the top talent and do everything they can to retain them. Part of keeping employees around is keeping them happy and that’s what a comfortable office space can offer. 

So, how can you create a comfortable office space that promotes productivity? Let’s take a look.

Ensure There is Ample Lighting

The first tip is very simple — so simple that you may have overlooked how impactful it can be. Providing employees with ample lighting means they can go about their tasks with ease, eyestrain will be decreased, and they are better able to focus. If the space doesn’t have enough overhead lighting, use task lighting such as desk lamps. Anytime you can promote natural light is also great, so ditch those heavy window coverings and let the light shine in.

Invest In Ergonomically Designed Office Furniture

Office furniture shouldn’t just be seen as a necessary item; instead, it is a tool that can increase productivity. By investing in ergonomically designed office furniture, employees will be able to go about their tasks for longer periods without discomfort. If you can cut down or even prevent desk-related injuries such as a stiff neck or back, carpal tunnel syndrome and other such issues, then you will increase productivity and decrease employee absences. 

Make Sure the Ambient Temperature is Just Right

Did you know that the temperature you keep the office space at has a huge effect on the productivity level of employees? If the space is too hot or too cold, it affects their ability to focus, concentrate and stay comfortable. So, what’s the perfect office temperature? Experts tend to suggest you keep the space at 71.6°F – 75.2°F year-round. 

If you’re having a hard time maintaining a constant temperature, it’s a good idea to call on commercial HVAC maintenance services to come and take a look. It’s wise to start with an inspection and then go from there. They can also test indoor air quality, which plays a role in the comfort level of employees.

Encourage Employees to Take Regular Breaks

Many office managers are under the impression that breaks cut down on productivity but, in reality, the opposite is often true. Encourage your employees to take regular breaks, get up and move around the office space, stretch their legs, and get a drink of water and a snack. This will energize them and improve their focus. They will sit back down feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their next task with a clear mind.

To create a comfortable and productive office space for your employees, many steps and changes will be needed. It’s important to view them as investments in the business, as the company depends on the hard work of your employees.