How To Buy Instagram Followers

What’s the salt?

One search query – and you are bombarded with tons of sites offering you to buy Instagram followers. Sellers and options are different, but they all promise one thing – cheap and live followers. Having bought a thousand or two followers, you will become a real baron to whom advertisers will line up like for scarce oranges.

How to do it?

Buying Instagram followers is easy. You need to find several services, compare prices for the desired number of subscribers and choose the option that suits you. You can buy from 50 Instagram followers to several thousand, and some services sell them at once for two million. Service rates vary; we advise you not to skimp: sellers assure a higher quality of more expensive followers. For example, on the website, you can buy live followers on Instagram inexpensively: 1000 followers for 10USD, while the choice of the quality of accounts and their number remains with the customer.

Narrow down the range of service choices by studying user reviews. Again, if it has existed for a long time, it will not be challenging to do this.

After a while, Instagram users will start following you.

Benefits of buying Instagram followers

First of all, you can buy Instagram followers to make your account more attractive. A profile with a lot of followers looks more advantageous from the outside.

Buying is the fastest way to wind up subscribers, playing in the short term and bringing results instantly in total volume.

It’s also cheap because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a content manager’s services and pay for all the utilities that he uses to work. Pay once, and you’re done. For example, on the service, you can buy 1000, 10000, or more Followers on Instagram cheap and without registration and tasks, which will significantly save time and effort.


The indexing algorithms of Instagram accounts spoil all raspberries: now, accounts are considered popular with a high number of followers andincreased engagement. So, buying followers on Instagram doesn’t mean getting ahead because:

  • Cheap followers can quickly turn out to be bots that will not show any activity on your account;
  • Even if the subscribers are live, no one guarantees you their activity: they may be inaccessible users (who do not see your content due to the significant number of subscriptions);
  • Subscriber selling services do not “select” users with particular interests: they will sell you random users, while only your target audience will be well involved – people who are interested in your services.

This way, your purchase will bring you thousands of dummy Insta followers. That they are, that they are not – your account will not become more popular among others on Instagram. Instead, on the contrary, engagement may even drop as the number of followers will increase, but likes and comments will not change.


Instead of “accepting” users following your account, it will be more productive to “invite” them to you, provoking them to subscribe to you. This is how the following mass works: you subscribe to users – they go to look at your account, and those interested follow you back.

The mass following process can be streamed using the buysocialfollowers service. The service can subscribe to users and like / comment on their publications, and send Direct messages. Unsubscribe capabilities and smart algorithms will protect your account from being banned, and many settings for user targeting will help you get precisely to the target audience. Its target also offers simple statistics – you can track the growth of your Instagram account.


Buying Instagram followers is easy, but purchasing active followers is how to get Google+ off your knees. Cheating in this way will not bring much benefit and may even harm the promotion of your account – a large number of followers who do not comment or like you will negatively affect the engagement rate.

Rather than risk buying Instagram followers, you can grow your account using the mass following, which easily automates. With the help of its settings, you can safely attract only the target audience to your account.

But if you decide to buy followers – follow the above precautions to avoid being cheated.