How To Buy and Wear Perfume

Although Egyptians used Telepathy before, there was not much choice for women who wanted to smell good. Cologne, perfumes, OD toilets, body sprays – they are all different, each of them competing for your attention.

Marketing and product launches are becoming more and more important for perfumery manufacturers, and bottles are an important selling point. But what’s the point of a bottle if the ingredients don’t live up to your expectations?

Fragrance concentration

It is important to understand the different concentrations available when buying perfume. Eau de Cologne has the lowest concentration, so it is the cheapest option. Then Eau de Toilette, then Eau de Toilette, and finally the most concentrated and most expensive perfume. The price difference indicates the amount of perfume needed to make the maximum perfume. Apparently, the Audi Colon is a very concentrated type of perfume that requires only a few drops to achieve the same effect.

The only fragrance

Always keep in mind that a certain scent is liked by your friend, which means it will be a good scent for you too.

We all have our own physiology based on skin type, hair color and other genetic factors, but many do not know how our lifestyle and lifestyle affect our skin.

When buying a new perfume, always try it on your skin before buying it. Sprinkle on your waist and then wait for at least five minutes for the smell to come out. I hope you enjoy it, or that you should come back clean.

How much to use.

As mentioned earlier, the perfume you buy determines how much you should wear, but most people tend to dress too much, while others think their scents are too strong.

This is especially true for older women who are starting to lose their sense of smell, as well as for young women who are not yet accustomed to drinking. They are used, and they are reused when they no longer smell.

It takes about five minutes to get used to shaking our nose, and then the brain doesn’t register it. However, the work of the brain is to inform us of something that is not “related”, and the smell that accompanies us for five minutes without any reaction is not dangerous. The other people we have can smell the perfume even if we don’t create it, so don’t overdo it.

Most perfumes are designed to last for about four hours and should not be used again after stopping wiping, and it is best to use them once a day, several times a night.

If you bathe, stick to the same thing throughout the day, because participation will never work.

How much perfume?

The type of perfume we are attracted to changes with the seasons, so the perfume you wear in the summer does not have the proper fragrance on a winter day.

It is recommended to have one perfume in four seasons, one in spring, summer and the other in autumn and winter.

Try different scents at different times to suit you.

Perfume storage

One fragrance lasts forever, and most have a production time of about three years. Remember that the date of manufacture is not the same as the date of purchase of your perfume, so if you spend a lot of money on perfume, you need to check it when you make it. That’s why you should always buy from standard stores or reputable stores.

Proper preservation will help prolong the life of your scent. The most important rule is to keep it in a dark, dry place, not on a mirror table.

The refrigerator is an ideal place for Audi colonies and Audi toilets, and perfumes should never be stored in a cold environment, as they react in a bad way, especially at high temperatures. A black dry box is best.

Stick to it when you find the right perfume. Trends are coming and new perfumes are coming to the stores almost every day, but if your choice doesn’t stop here, sticking with it will give you a unique scent – a scent that others will recognize you for.