How Much Does a Hair System Cost and How to Save Money on Your Hair Systems

At the age of 50, 85% of men have thinning hair. Two—thirds of men are dealing with some form of hair loss by the age of 35. The market is full of expensive but disappointing solutions for male hair loss, from over-the-counter hair growth shampoos to hair transplants. Unlike other solutions, hair systems are a quick-fix way of dealing with men’s hair loss that is non-surgical and won’t break the bank.


Getting hair systems at a low cost is the key to making your business stay ahead of the competition. Yet, how much does a hair system cost in the market?

We’re answering this most popular question and how to save money on it. Read on to find out the regular hair system cost before ordering your hair system for your business.

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How much does a non-surgical hair replacement cost?

The hair system cost will vary depending on the supplier you choose and the specifications of your systems. Everything from the hair length to your chosen hair type will determine the cost of hair systems.

Longer hair will increase the cost of the hair system. At New Times Hair, the retail price of our hair systems for men typically ranges between $100  to $500 with a typical hair length of 5-8” human hair.

Price will vary mainly based on different base materials. Among the most commonly used three kinds of materials, normally,  lace hair systems are the most expensive, skin base hair systems the second, and monofilament hair systems the most inexpensive.

Some of our best-selling are listed below.

Skin hair system cost: retail price start from $269

Lace hair system system cost: retail price start from $340

Mono hair system system cost: retail price start from $275

Man weave unit cost: retail price start from $355

Other factors like hair density, hair length, base size, ventilation methods, etc. will affect the cost of hair system.

You can expect to pay an additional fee for hair systems that have extra features. Bleach knots and a lace front are two of the most common additional charges, while a haircutting service and cutting the base to size will also increase the price of your hair system.

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How many hair systems does a personal wearer need a year?

The number that a personal wearer goes through every year will mainly depend on the type of hair system that the wearer chooses as the lifespan of different types of hair systems varies a lot. In general, the wearer will need to budget for at least 4-6 hair systems a year if wearing every day.

Lifespan of Different Types of Hair System

Swiss Lace Hair System

A swiss lace hair system has a typical lifespan of 1-2 months.

Swiss lace offers a transparent thin border that sits on the side of the base, but the downside of swiss lace is its fragility. 

French Lace Hair System

French lace is slightly more durable, lasting around 3-4 months.

The wearer can still take advantage of a  seamless appearance with a French lace hair system, which can blend well with the skin and hair. French lace will give the wearer an invisible hairline, while still offering a thicker and more durable alternative to a swiss lace system.

Skin Hair System

The most flexible is poly skin with the lifespan of your hair system depending specifically on the thickness of the base. A 0.03mm poly skin is the thinnest option and will last around 1 month.  At the higher end, a 0.1mm poly skin can last up to 6 months but comes with a higher price tag. The two mid-tier options include the 0.06mm and 0.08mm, which offer up to 3 and 6 months of wear respectively. 

The benefit of poly skin is that it’s relatively low maintenance and easy to clean and attach.

Mono Hair System

A mono hair system has the largest range for its lifespan, going anywhere from 6 months to a year. These suggest lifespans are the most the wearer can expect to get out of all types of hair systems.

However, mono hair systems are less natural and comfortable compared to lace and poly hair systems.

The base material will decide the durability and lifespan of a hair system. Generally, you’ll find that less detectable hair systems have a shorter lifespan. If your customers want a more natural appearance for men’s toupee, they can expect to compromise on durability. If your customer wants a more durable hair system, they won’t be able to take advantage of a more natural or seamless finish.

How an individual maintains and how frequently they wear the hair system will also affect the lifespan of the hair system.

How much will hair systems cost per year for individual wearers?

The cost of hair system can be very high if a person decides to invest it in the long term. Personal users will need to budget at least 1000-2000 USD for a year’s wearing, which doesn’t include the cost for hair system installation and maintenance. 


Although the luxury, the number of people who choose to use hair systems is still on the rise today as it can change their look immediately and effectively.

The huge needs from the market and the profitability of the business explain why the hair system industry is accelerating at a fast pace today, and why so many small business owners choose to start up their business in the hair industry.

How to save money on the hair system

If you are sourcing products for your business, you may find that the hair system price varies a lot in the market.

For hair business owners, if you want to profit from your business, you need to find the right supplier that provides competitive products at a reasonable price.

Once found the perfect hair system supplier, you can bulk order your hair system to keep the cost low. You can take advantage of a wholesale price from your supplier only if you can meet the minimum order quantity.

If you are a newcomer to the hair business without stable customers, finding a supplier which allows for dropship is a great way to help you stay away from all risks at the beginning of your business. Dropship means you do not have to hold stocks thus no initial funds are required and low risk, which can make the beginning of your business much easier!


Where to buy men’s hair replacement systems for business

Finding the right supplier for your products is necessary for the success of your business.

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