How Does Video Editing Help Businesses?

For internet users, content is always the king. They come to business websites looking for information and services that can add value to their life. Businesses have only a few seconds to capture the attention of the audience. The emergence of social media has increased competition among businesses because every small business is trying to steal customers with engaging and interesting content. The social media platforms such as Facebook reels, Instagram stories, TikTok videos, and YouTube videos have opened up new video communication channels for businesses. 

Are Your Videos Engaging Your Customers?

In an internet survey by Optinmonster, 84% of participants said they wanted to buy a product or service after watching the brand’s video. The message retention rate for video is 95%, while for text, it is just 10%. This means that your customers will remember what you showed in your video, and they can be easily convinced to buy what you show in the video. This power ingrained in video marketing can be utilized only if engaging, immersing, and interesting videos are created. Shooting video footage is not video marketing. Appropriate video editing must make the videos interesting for users on specific platforms. 

Top Video Editing Tips to Boost Customer Engagement

Not all businesses have a large budget for creating high-definition videos. Partnering with the right company providing video editing services, you can create engaging video content with video footage shot just using your smartphone. Except for living videos you post on social media platforms, any video you intend to share with your audience must undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that they meet the campaign requirements. 

Focus on the First 5 Seconds

Users can skip any video or mute anything they don’t want to hear, and their attention to marketing videos is extremely limited. You only get 5 seconds to get the viewers hooked to your video. If you can’t make them understand that what they are about to show is useful for them in the first 5 seconds, you will lose your audience. So, while editing the video, ensure that the introduction is extremely powerful and delivers the message precisely. You can also start with a cliffhanger to encourage your audience to continue watching the video. 

Incorporate the Right Video Length

Deciding on the right video length is critical and difficult. You should choose the video length based on the audience, the message to be delivered, and the social media platform. Brief videos are highly preferred because customers only use social media during their breaks at work. No one has time to watch a lengthy video on why your brand is useful. For Instagram videos, the length shouldn’t be more than 60 seconds. Your Facebook reels or stories shouldn’t be more than 20 to 90 seconds. Twitter videos are short and crisp, and a 45-second video is ideal. Keep it short and crisp even when you want to add a video to your website. 

Explore Jump Cuts

For an exhilarating experience, use jump cuts intelligently in video editing. Experts in creative design services know how to make images appear and disappear to keep the action going. Jump cuts allow you to race through the ideas within the video, avoid repetition, and remove unnecessary pauses. Many video editing tools are available to introduce jump cuts into the video to make the video more interesting. 

Add Subtitles/Captions

Your usual audience may be from a specific demographic. However, when marketing your business through videos to a global audience, you must find ways to interact with various audiences. Most of the time, internet users mute their videos, and without subtitles, your video will go unnoticed. These captions are also useful in improving the accessibility of your video. Text interlacing will help you to overcome language barriers among your audience. 

Perfect Your Storytelling

The main purpose of using videos for businesses is to tell a story through a video. Even without audio or subtitles, you can convey a message through your video if you perfect the art of storytelling. Irrespective of the length of the footage, the video editing service provider can create a good storyline that conveys the message you want to be delivered to your audience. Many brands use storytelling to convey values even without showing them explicitly. Personal stories from your loyal customers will also help your new customers to gain confidence. 

Use Brightness, Light, and Sound to Set the Mood

Video editing is where magic is done with the video footage. Depending on the story you want to tell, adjust the brightness, light effects, and sound to change the audience’s mood. Coherent visuals, relevant music, and appropriate lighting can all help you deliver a powerful message to your audience. The mood you set in your video greatly affects the viewer’s perspective.


Creative video editing is not easy for everyone. It is more difficult than video shooting. Many video editing software are available in the market; they are useful in editing videos if you know the technicalities. Many experts use a combination of freeware video editing tools to create effective videos. A professional video editor will always add more value to your business with entertaining, engaging, and immersive videos.