How do you care for Body Wave Sew-In?

Body Wave Hair is one of the most popular hair textures in wigs and hair bundles, catering to a wide range of women’s styles and looks. Although body wave sew in hair has shine, it can become dull and lose its waves if not handled properly. Maintenance So, once you get your sew-ins, the maintenance routine begins. Human hair and synthetic hair are the two main types of body wave sewn in. Human hair is more natural and lasts longer than synthetic hair, but it is more expensive. As a result, it takes time and energy to maintain the investment and keep the hair alive and shiny.

Before we start discussing how to care for body wave hair, we should first define what body wave hair is.

What is Body Wave Sew-In?

Body wave hair has loose curls, a loose “S” shape to match one’s curvy body, and is defined by very loose curls. And this type of hair is popular because of its versatility and ease of maintenance. As a result, it is ideal for those who want to change their look without investing a lot of time or effort. You can learn more about body wave hair by visiting the body wave hair guide.

Can Body wave Sew In Styling?

Body wave hair is known for its variety of styles and looks, making it ideal for someone who likes to experiment with different looks on a regular basis. If you have human hair body wave hair sew ins you can heat style it and even color it if you don’t like the original color, but it’s best to keep the hair short. Processed with heat and chemicals. Because using heat can also affect the age of waves and hair bundles, and dying hair is not only time-consuming but can also dull hair.

After styling your hair:

Add some tea tree oil to the leave-in conditioner.

Spray your body wave hair.

Massage your scalp regularly for complete absorption to help you avoid frizz and dry scalp, especially in autumn.

You can restore life and style to your waves with foam wraps or mousse.

The body wave sew in the wash properly.

Make the following preparations:

Body Wave Hair Bundles


Coarse-toothed comb.



Wig cap (optional)

1. Separate your hair from ends to roots with a wide-toothed comb. Then, wet your bundles completely before shampooing, and make sure each strand is thoroughly shampooed.

2. To get the best cleaning result, gently rub the weave from the bottom to the end. Be aware that rubbing the hair randomly and coarsely will cause tangles.

3. Make sure your hair is thoroughly washed and shampooed. You should also rub your hair from roots to ends to prevent tangles.

4. Use conditioner to keep hair healthy and free of dryness, and scrub your hair as you wash it. Wait about 10 minutes before rinsing out all the conditioners.

5. Gently towel dry excess water from hair. Apply leave-in conditioner all over the body, tousle hair and comb gently with a wide-tooth brush. You can also create natural waves by scrunching the hair several times while drying.

How do you restore Body Wave Hair Waves?

You can try some simple methods without any professional products or skills. Of course, you can go to the salon and get your hair bouncy again by having the experts change it, but that can cost more.

Here are some simple steps:

1. Keep your hair on foil to keep your desk clean and your results better. Wet hair first, and then use an oil, such as pure argan oil, tea tree oil, or olive oil mousse, to keep hair from drying out. However, unless you plan to do a deep conditioning treatment, we recommend that you avoid using too much oil on a regular basis.

2. Next, using a small-tooth comb, separate the sew-in hair from the roots and style the hair in an “S” shape like body wave hair.

3. Finally, let your hair air dry and wait patiently.

Lace closure

The base of the lace closure is nothing more than lace with strands of hair embedded in small holes. Lace closures are usually thinner and more flattering than most hair closures. The lace closure also gives a skull-like appearance when placed against your skin or against the natural scalp. However, to get the best results, the lace closure will need some tweaking. It is best to bleach your lace closure knots to eliminate the grid-like matrix effect. You will need to add concealer or foundation to the lace closure to enhance the natural appearance.