How Can A Tutor Ace Their First Tutoring Session?

The first tutoring session is one of the most important events for a private tutor to kick-start the career. Sometimes, the first session is a trial class so that the parents can assess the teacher’s ability.To make a good first impression, the class must be on-point. However, a lot of tutors get stressed because of the fear that they will not be able to deliver the introductory class properly. Therefore, we have compiled some sure-shot tips that can help a tutor in effectively delivering the first tutoring session. Let’s have a look at those tips.

Tips To Ace Your First Tutoring Session

Do Your Research

The tutor must have basic information about the students such as their school, subjects, location, etc. The teacher can find this information with the help of the internet. Hence, they will feel confident and informed before the session. In addition, communication with the students regarding their academic background and future goals could be helpful. In addition, also collect the following information.

  • The general teaching pattern of the student’s school.
  • The syllabus of the child that is prescribed by the school.
  • Timings of the school so that the tutor can schedule the sessions properly.
  • Learners’ hobbies so that the teacher can give related examples to them during the sessions.

Dress Up Properly

Proper attire and accessories are important for every occasion, and a tutor’s first session is no exception. The teacher should avoid dressing up too formally or casually. Instead, try to maintain a balance between the two along with ensuring comfort. In addition, also check out the following tips.

  • Wear the clothes with pastel colors because they are soothing to the eyes and give a friendly vibe to the students.
  • Do not wear clothes with large prints. Instead, prefer light textures and prints to avoid looking overdressed.
  • If one wears spectacles, prefer simpler frames and avoid the fancy ones.

Plan The Session

Create a proper flow of the session including the introduction, main body, and a recap at the end. For instance, if the session length is 1 hour, reserve the last 15 minutes, to sum up, and recap. By doing that, the teacher can ensure that the student grasps the concepts more effectively.

The tutor should ask questions at regular intervals to keep the learners engaged during the session. So by proper planning, the teachers remain confident throughout the session and deliver their best.

Give The Learner Some Task At The End

At the end of the session, leave the students with some open-ended questions. The main reason to do that is to trigger the curiosity inside the children. When learners become curious, they want to attend the next session as well.

Therefore, make sure to give the students a task or homework at the end of the session. It can be anything like a numerical, or an exercise, etc. The reason behind that is if the teacher ends the session at a cliffhanger, the learners will stay motivated and excited for the upcoming sessions. A teacher must make it a rule of thumb for all the sessions, rather than just for the intro.

Communicate With The Parents Before The Session

Tutors have to gain the trust of the learner’s parents. Therefore, they must communicate with the parents before the session. The teachers must ask the parents about their expectations, for example, the expected increase in the student’s grades, etc.

Additionally, make a discussion with the parents about their experience with the previous tutor. In this way, the teacher can assess the mistakes of the former tutor and avoid repeating them. After the teachers become familiar with the parents’ expectations and requirements, they can optimize the session delivery accordingly.

Deliver The Session In Presence Of Parents

If possible, deliver the intro class in the presence of parents. Additionally, ask for their feedback at the end of the session. Furthermore, the tutors must assess the parent’s feedback and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, they can tweak the teaching method according to the parents’ expectations.

However, keep in mind that every student is not comfortable attending a class in front of the parents. Therefore, don’t involve the parents in the session, if the child is uncomfortable.

Other Important Tips

  • Switch off or put the phone on silent during the session, and don’t check it again and again.
  • Maintain friendly behavior with the learners and let them talk more openly.
  • The teachers should not discuss the tuition charges with the students. In addition, the tutors must not try to influence the learners to convince their parents to hire them.
  • Maintain positive body language throughout the session. For instance, do not yawn or sit with a slouched back.


When it comes to private tuition jobs, the introductory session of a tutor is very crucial.Generally, teachers suffer from a lack of confidence during their first tutoring session. However, tutors don’t have to worry as it is normal to feel anxious during the session. With the help of the above tips, the tutors can calm their nerves and deliver a perfect tutoring session.