Here’s Why It’s Time to Bring a Bunk Bed to Your Kid’s Room

We all know how much kids love bunk beds. When we were little children, even we fancied the idea of sleeping on a bunk bed. Now, it’s time for you to buy one for your kids. If you think these beds just look pretty and don’t serve much purpose, you are wrong. These beds are always on trend and will make your little ones very happy. They are very safe and practical to have in your kid’s room.

WoodenStreet has an exclusive collection of best wooden bunk beds for your children. They are made of great quality and look supremely stylish in Indian homes. If you are still on the fence about buying it, here ar some reasons why you must definitely invest in a good bunk bed for your kids:

Save Space

Bunk beds are great for small spaces as you can fit in two beds in place of one. One bed on top of the other will give you a lot of extra space in the room. They are so compact and can easily replace the double beds in your kids’ room.

More Kids, Less Rooms

Another reasons why parents love bunk bed for kids is because they let you fit in more kids in lesser number of rooms. If your house has fewer rooms, these beds will let you accommodate double the number of kids in there as opposed to double beds. This way, you will not only save up space but also a lot of money in the long run.

Strengthen Siblings’ Bonding

It has been observed that kids who share the same bunk bed are most likely to bond better. They may fight together and the separate beds would give them their own space while staying in the same room.

Ensured Safety

Solid wood bunk beds usually come with fencing or heightened sides so that your kids don’t fall off. That is why, they are considered way safer than the conventional double or single beds. The bunk beds look like topless boxes with both sides at a height to ensure your kids sleep safe and sound. You don’t have to worry about them getting injured or toppling over.

More Storage Space

A lot of bunk beds come with storage boxes or drawers these days. You can use them to store your kids’ socks, undergarments, pillow cases, and so on. This makes them even more practical and useful especially in small apartments where space is an issue.

The Fun Factor

As kids, we grew up loving the idea of bunk beds. Undoubtedly, our kids love these too and its time to introduce them to good wooden bunk beds. They make sleep time a lot more fun and interesting for your young ones. It will bring immense joy in your kid’s life and they won’t detest the idea of afternoon naps anymore. They’d enjoy going up and down from the ladder, switching places, pulling the drawers, and so on.

These were some of the factors which make bunk beds an absolute must-have for houses with kids. Look for stylish and sturdy solid wood bunk beds for kids and you will not have to struggle to put them to bed anymore. At WoodenStreet, you will find the perfect beds for your kids and in a plethora of designs. Pick the one which resonates with the theme of your kid’s room and is practical. We use the best quality of wood for crafting your dream beds.