Latest Hemp Boxes designs for your business!

In today’s world, hemp oils are greatly in use. Moreover, they are being manufactured by a large number of brands. Due to their increasing demand, new brands keep entering this business every now and then. In order to have better sales for your hemp oils, it is paramount for a brand to have appealing packaging.

Regardless of that, hemp oils require extra strong packaging. They need to be protected. To ensure their safety, brands always have to stress this factor. Being at Urgent Boxes has tackled all your worries. Here, we would proudly state that we are able to deal with this major concern of yours.

First and foremost, we tackle this concern by providing you the finest stocks for the production of your hemp oil boxes. All stocks offered at Urgent Boxes are strong and durable enough. Furthermore, they are eco-friendly. This means they can be recycled easily. Thus, you fulfill your duty toward the environment by having eco-friendly packaging.

Our design support

We provide design support. Our panel of professional designers will guide you throughout the customization process.

  • Our design support will help you design some amazing looks for your hemp boxes.
  • They will help you choose the best features for designing your hemp boxes
  • Our designers are updated with the latest trends. Hence, they will be able to guide you better so you can design an outlook that will be able to become the trendsetter in the industry.
  • The design support offered at Urgent Boxes is completely free. Thus, you can benefit from it without having to pay as well!

The trendiest designs for your hemp boxes

Below listed are some latest and trendy designs for your hemp oil boxes!

Use a die-cut window to make your boxes more elegant!

What can be better than tackling a customer concern while adding to the elegance of your hemp boxes? Die-cut serves this purpose amazingly!

  • Basically, it is a window-like structure. It will allow your customers to have a look at your hemp oils before making a purchase.
  • Since there are many options when it comes to hemp oils, people prefer having a look at the hemp oil bottles just to satisfy themselves.
  • With this feature, you are able to deal with this major customer concern.
  • Moreover, this feature will look highly elegant and exquisite.
  • It will showcase the credibility of your brand.
  • With this feature, people are more likely to trust your brand. As a result, you will leave no room for doubt for the customers to purchase your hemp oils.
  • This feature has impacted sales. Hence, a high shift was seen and the purchases grew vividly.
  • Thus, you should definitely use this feature on your vape cartridge boxes to have improved sales.
  • The die-cut is covered with a high-quality PVC sheet, which covers your die-cut area and shields it.

Pro tip: Customization is all about brainstorming, being creative, allowing your artistic skills to flow, and being in control of your packaging. Team Urgent Boxes highly encourages their clients to be creative with their die-cuts. Henceforth, you will be able to grab more attention towards your hemp oil boxes.

Utilize your packaging to the fullest!

Here are some ways listed with which you can make the most of your packaging!

  1. Have an exquisite appearance of your logo!

The logo is one of the most noticeable things on the packaging. With a better look at the appearance of your logo, you can:

  • Make your packaging more attractive
  • Have a better representation of your brand in the market.
  • Let your logo stand out and outshine others

With our foiling and embossing/debossing techniques, you can achieve such an appearance of your logo. Therefore, it will become more eye-captivating. Moreover, it will have an influence on your brand’s position in the market as well.

Tell the world that you are a volunteer for the environment!

As stated above, at Urgent Boxes, you get your hands on the finest quality stocks. Moreover, since our stocks are eco-friendly, you can tell this to the world. Having an eco-friendly sign on your packaging will attract customers. Here’s why!

  • Nowadays, people are very considerate about the purchases they make.
  • They want to ensure that they don’t end up purchasing any such product whose packaging might be a potential threat to the environment.
  • Eco-friendly packaging is supported and receives appreciation.

Thus, having an eco-friendly or a green environment sign on your hemp boxes will positively impact the buyers.

Mention a small description of your hemp oils

  • Add some convincing statements on the packaging of your hemp oil boxes,
  • Tell the customers about your hemp oils.
  • State why your hemp oils are better.
  • Add a story to your brand!

Choose appropriate color themes for your hemp boxes

Colors play a major role in attracting customers. Thus, choose appropriate colors for the outlook of your hemp boxes.

  • You can have colors in contrast to the color of your logo.
  • You can even prefer having a single base color for your hemp oil boxes. Single colors look highly aesthetic as well.

We at Urgent Boxes provide both digital and offset printing techniques. Thus, you can choose any technique you want. Furthermore, you can coat your prints as well. We provide three multiple coating options. With these coats, you will be able to protect your prints and make the look of your hemp boxes more unique!

Avail Free Shipping!

We have been facilitating our clients for years. At Urgent Boxes, we offer free shipping. Moreover, our shipping services are extremely safe and reliable. Thus, you can enjoy a trouble-free shipping process without having to pay for it!

Our 24/7 Customer Support!

Team Urgent Boxes makes sure to cater to all your queries and questions. Thus, we provide customer support for you. Furthermore, the availability of our customer support is 24/7. Henceforth, you won’t have to worry about odd hours before getting your questions answered. We assure that we will deal with your queries immediately!