Guide to Purchasing an Office Chair

Your computer chair is an essential piece of the puzzle for comfort and productivity. In contrast, the right desk chair can help you stay calm and focused throughout the workday, whereas a poor fit can cause health issues.

There are real implications for your daily well-being when choosing an office chair. Many office chairs are available, so finding the right one at first can be a challenge. Check out Brisbane Office Chairs to buy chairs for your office.

Examine the factors to consider and the types of office chairs to be considered when evaluating your options for office furniture. Keep reading to find out how to do just that.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Office Chair


When working long hours, it’s important to be able to adjust the seat height of your office desk chair. In order to avoid back and hip strain, your seat should be adjusted so that the thighs are at level with the hips (or slightly lower).

It’s easy to adjust the height of a chair so that you (and anyone else who sits in it) are comfortable for the long haul. If you’re looking for a chair with adjustable height, make sure it’s simple to use and sturdy enough to last for several years.

Size of the Chair

You’ll need a chair that’s big enough to fit your entire body. If you choose a seat that is too narrow, you may experience discomfort on a regular basis. Both a tight fit and a loose one are undesirable. Some people may develop a hunchback posture if their chair is too deep, while others may experience armrest discomfort if their seat is too wide. To find a comfortable middle ground, measure the seat width and depth of any chair you’re thinking about buying. Big and tall options are also available. 

Alternatives for the Armrests

An office chair’s adjustable arms and forearm rests have been shown in studies to be an important source of support for the neck and shoulders, and forearms. Even if your chair has armrests, this isn’t a guarantee of a good fit for your body. Adjustable arms that are positioned too high may cause tension in the shoulder muscles. It’s possible to feel pain in your wrists and forearms if the straps are too low.

To your relief, the armrests on many desk chairs can be adjusted to match your preferred forearm position. It’s generally recommended to keep your wrists roughly level with your keyboard rather than flexing up or down to get to the keys. As an added bonus, many chair armrests are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Brisbane Office Furniture has everything you need.

Components and Pillow Padding

You’ll have a variety to select from regarding office chairs. Chairs with mesh backs are more breathable, which helps to keep your back cool and comfortable. Coworkers and clients alike will be impressed by the slick, luxurious look of leather or faux leather chairs.