Guide to Instagram Reels 2021

 Instagram Reels is a new way to record 15-30 second video clips with sound / music, which many influencers also use. If you are a frequent user of Instagram, you have not been able to avoid noticing the new feature. Reels is located in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom of the app. Instagram Reels The concept itself is very similar to TikTok. Also the underlying algorithm seems to be very reminiscent of TikToks. But how do you make a good Instagram Reel that creates high engagement? And how can you use the new feature to your own advantage in your marketing strategy? We get around this in this blog post, where you get knowledge about:

What are Instagram Reels?

 How to Make Instagram Reels | 3 examples of professional use of Instagram Reels What are Instagram Reels? Instagram Reels are small video clips lasting 15-30 seconds. They are also called film reels in Danish. Background music can be added, and the concept is incredibly similar to the format of the popular TikTok app. You can thus create fun and engaging content on Instagram – in line with the “TikTok trend” that is catching people’s attention on social media at the moment. On Instagram’s @creators account, it has been explained that movie reels are a new way to create creative and fun content. Through the Reels button on the navigation bar you enter a universe filled with film reels. The goal is to give creative content creators the opportunity to reach new, larger and global audiences through the small video clips. So if you are interested in reaching a wider audience with your content, you should definitely consider film reels.

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 How to Make an Instagram Reel |

 You can either choose to record a new video for movie reels through Instagram directly, or upload a video clip you already have on your phone. Once you have decided on your video clip, there will be a wide range of editing options. Instagram Reels You can add a lot of interesting and creative effects to make your film roll stand out from the crowd. This gives you the chance to attract the attention of users. There is also the option to add sound – here you can also be inspired by the music of other film reels.

 Instagram Reels When you watch a movie roll, there will be information about which audio file has been used for the video clip. If you click here, you will be presented with other movie reels that use the same audio file. Here you will also have the option to press “Use audio” – then Instagram embeds the audio file in your next movie roll! Instagram Reels Once you’ve decided on video clips, effects, music and all the other editing options, your roll of film is ready for action! Remember to add relevant hashtags to reach a larger and relevant audience for your content. Buy Instagram Likes Malayisa.

3 examples of professional use of Instagram Reels

 1. Sephora France Who needs Final Cut Pro and hours of editing time at all to make professional videos that engage the target audience? Sephora France is an excellent example of a company that knows how to leverage Instagram Reels to its full potential. They make simple and fun movie reels that attract engagement from over 100,000 of users. That is, per clip. Instagram Reels

 2. Chipotle Chipotle, for example, has used Reels to create exciting how-to guides. In this film roll, they show how to make a beautiful and inviting avocado rose. Educational content always works really well on social media. On the one hand, you offer users something concrete that they themselves can benefit from in their own lives. And on the other hand, you highlight your special competencies in the field. You can thus achieve higher credibility and authority towards your target audience, which is absolutely essential in a successful marketing strategy . Instagram Reels

3. Example of influencers’ use of Reels – @albertelund_ Here’s an excellent example of a popular fashion influencer’s use of Instagram Reels. The Danish influencer Alberte Lund presents here 5 different outfits for the song “Elastic” by Joey Purp. The idea is to show off an outfit in the best catwalk style and finish with a jump – then the next outfit comes into the picture, starting with another jump. That way, the clips feel very cohesive. The format with different outfits became popular through TikTok and has now also spread to Instagram Reels. Alberte Lund has also asked her followers which number outfit they like best – an ingenious way to engage her followers!