1 Possession of travel documents
In terms of the provisions in the INDIAN VISA PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS (Entry into India) Act, 1920, and the Rules made
thereunder, every foreigner entering India must be in possession of a valid national passport or
any other internationally recognised travel document establishing his/her nationality and identity
and bearing – (a) his/ her photograph, and (b) a valid visa for India granted by an authorised
Indian representative abroad (except to the extent mentioned in paras 2, 4 and 5 below).
2 Identity documents required for citizens of Nepal and Bhutan for travelling to India
(A) A citizen of Nepal or Bhutan entering India by land or air over the Nepal or the Bhutan
border does not require a passport or visa for entry into India. However, he/she should be
in possession of any of the following identity documents –
(i) Nepalese/ Bhutanese Passport; or
(ii) Nepalese/ Bhutanese Citizenship Certificate; or
(iii) Voter Identification Card issued by the Election Commission of Nepal/ Bhutan;
(iv) Limited validity photo-identity certificate issued by Nepalese Mission/ Royal
Bhutanese Mission in India when deemed necessary.
(v) For children between age group of 10-18 years, photo ID issued by the Principal
of the School, if accompanied by parents having valid travel documents. No such
document is required for children below the age group of 10 years.
(B) A citizen of Nepal or Bhutan must be in possession of a Passport when entering India
from a place other than Nepal/ Bhutan.
(C) A citizen of Nepal or Bhutan must have a visa for India if he/she is entering India from
China, Macau, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Maldives.
(D) If a citizen of Nepal or Bhutan visits India on valid Nepalese/ Bhutanese passport, he/ she
may not be allowed to proceed to any third country from India, unless he/ she obtains a
‘No objection Certificate’ from the Embassy of Nepal/ Royal Bhutanese Mission in India.
3 A photograph is necessary irrespective of age i.e. even for minor children below 15 years of age,
if their name is included in the passport of either of their parents.
4 Minor children whose names are entered in their parent’s passport must obtain a valid Indian visa
for travel to India.
Note: Children above the age of 16 years must possess a separate valid national passport, to
travel to India. Children who have arrived on their INDIAN VISA APPLICATION PROCESS must obtain a separate
passport when they attain the age of 16 years while in India.
5 Application for grant of visa
An applicant for a visa shall have to submit an application on the on-line system in the standard
visa application form. For this purpose, the applicants may log on
to . The foreigner should be present within the jurisdiction of the
Indian Mission/ Post concerned at the time of making an application and grant of visa.
6 Period of validity of passport and visa
Passport should have at least six months validity at the time of making application for grant of
visa. It should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer. The
validity of all visas will commence from the date of issue of visa.
7 Application from non-residents
A foreigner can apply for any type of visa (including Employment/ Business Visa) from a country
other than the country of his origin/ domicile. However, in such cases, visa will be granted only
after consulting the Indian Mission concerned in the country of origin/ domicile of the foreigner.
8 Fee for visa
Fee for the grant of a visa will be charged in local currency in accordance with the instructions
issued by the Ministry of External Affairs from time to time. Except in cases where a visa is
cancelled, visa fee shall not be refunded. In cases where a visa has not been utilised within its
validity period, the fee realised is not refundable.
9 Categories of visa
Main categories of visa being granted to a foreign national and sub-categories of visa are given in
10 Activities permitted on a visa
Foreign nationals shall be required to strictly adhere to the purpose of visit declared while
submitting the visa application. However, a foreign national (other than a Pakistani national)
coming to India on any type of visa will be allowed to avail activities permitted under Tourist
11 For all visa related services within India like registration, extension of visa, exit permission
etc., application is to be submitted online to the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer
(FRRO)/ Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) concerned. For this purpose, please
12 Conversion of e-visa/ Visa-on-Arrival/ Tourist Visa/ Employment Visa/ Business Visa/
Student Visa/ Research Visa to Entry visa
If a foreign national on e-visa/ Visa-on-Arrival/ Tourist Visa/ Employment Visa/ Business Visa/
Student Visa/ Research Visa marries an Indian national/ Person of Indian Origin/ OCI cardholder
during the validity of his/her Visa, his/ her visa may be converted to Entry [‘X-2’] Visa by
FRRO/ FRO concerned.
13 Procedure to be adopted in case a foreigner on Tourist/ Employment/Business/ Student/
Research Visa falls ill after coming to India
If such a visa holder is suffering from a minor medical condition which does not require
hospitalization and prolonged treatment, then he/ she will be allowed to take treatment. Further,
in case of sudden illness which requires continuous treatment of less than 180 days or the stay
stipulation period prescribed on the visa, the foreigner can take permission for treatment from
FRRO/ FRO concerned by submitting a medical certificate from a government / ICMR (Indian
Council of Medical Research)/ NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare
Providers)/ MCI (Medical Council of India)/ CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme)
recognized hospital. FRRO/ FRO concerned will issue a ‘Medical Permit’ without converting
the Visa to a Medical Visa. Conversion to Medical Visa will be required only if the treatment
exceeds 180 days or the stay stipulation period prescribed on the visa.
14 Conversion of visa of Person of Indian Origin to Entry Visa
e-visa/ Visa-on-Arrival/ Tourist Visa/ Employment Visa/ Business Visa/ Student Visa/ Research
Visa of Persons of Indian Origin, who are otherwise entitled for Entry Visa, may be converted to
Entry [‘X-1’] Visa by FRRO/ FRO concerned.