Functionalities to look for in a webinar software

Hosting a virtual event using an online webinar software helps you to attract new clients, share the information, develop a brand reputation, boost brand awareness and generate leads.

In order to achieve the best results, you need to select the right webinar software for your requirement. In this competitive market, a wide range of online platforms is available to conduct a virtual event. If you are looking for the best webinar software for your business, this post can help you to choose the perfect webinar software. Let’s look at the best features to look before selecting your webinar software.

Top functionalities every online webinar software should have


Many people prefer watching the online event according to convenience compared to catching the live session. Having a live webinar session is undoubtedly more interactive, but a prerecorded session is also helpful. This feature allows participants to watch the webinar again and again.

Online webinar software that allows for both hosting prerecorded and live webinars helps you to be flexible. Most webinar software helps to identify and cater to a specific audience and host a prerecorded live event. They offer the ability to broadcast your live session again and again without any issue. Additionally, you can schedule your webinar to play live after recording it till you are satisfied. While you relax and answer questions or engage with the crowd, the audience will have a live experience. So choose a webinar platform that allows you to record your event and send those who were unable to attend the webinar. 


Knowing that webinars are not a one-man show is helpful (quite literally). Even if you have the best software, it could still be a problem if it doesn’t work properly with social media networks, payment gateways, .etc. Additionally, it must function seamlessly with the rest of your platform. If not, scheduling and distributing your webinar could be difficult. The high-quality webinar software tools work nicely with calendar applications, social media accounts, or email marketing services.

Custom branding 

Hosting a webinar has a wide range of advantages. One is that you can establish your company’s reputation in the online world. Making sure your company’s name, logo, and colors are on every piece of content you send out is one method to accomplish this.

Getting the correct level of customization for the engaging and educational webinar is an important way of improving your brand reputation. Your content can reflect your brand. Webinar software lets you share a different form of content and modify it. From registration landing pages to slides, webinar software provides some amazing customization and branding choices. So before choosing webinar software for your business, make sure it allows you to customize your branding content.   

Engagement options

The audience is the most crucial factor in determining whether or not your webinar was successful. Keeping your group interested takes a lot of work. A variety of options are available on webinar systems to keep participants interested in the session. Knowing how your audience feels (or felt) can help you acquire insight. This can be done through polls, surveys, and requesting feedback. You can better prepare as a result of it.


You need to know how effective your webinars are, just like you do with all other useful marketing tactics. Because of this, analytics is a crucial element to consider when selecting a webinar platform. Do not limit your search to audience measurement tools. It’s beneficial to have many additional insights. You might be able to learn, for instance, it allows you to understand if and when viewers quit watching your webinar. It could assist you in determining whether changes are necessary for upcoming webinars.

If you are already utilizing any kind of analytics such as CRM, ensure whether your webinar software can integrate. Your overall marketing efforts can be optimized with this type of integration.   

Make sure you accommodate all attendees

Many webinar software offers various packages, based on how large an audience you want to connect. Ensure that you select software that accommodates your audience size. Generally, it’s better to provide an opportunity for future audience growth. You should, however, take care to avoid paying for capacity that you do not require.


You don’t want to put your participants’ sensitive or personal data at risk. So make sure the webinar software you use is safe. Check out what type of protection and security is applied to the meeting. For instance, does your webinar platform offer single sign-on and double encryption features?  

Showing the presentation

The presentation you intend to offer to your attendees should be supported by your webinar software. Make sure the platform you’ll be using will display your presentation properly, meaning that the right proportions and dimensions will be loaded into the screen. When it comes to presenting, every webinar software has a variety of alternatives. Make sure you look at these.

Collaboration feature

Although collaboration tools formerly appeared to be extras, they are now necessary. People want to engage with the speaker, not just passively listen to them. Therefore, you ought to offer a simulation that is as near to a real one as you can. What functionalities should you seek out? The most basic ones initially use chat to make communication between people easier. Then, look the area for some that are more sophisticated, such as breakout rooms that let you divide the main conference space into smaller ones. Many webinar platforms utilize features such as surveys and pools in order to obtain feedback from the audience and increase engagement at the same time.  

Final words:-

Many webinar software provides much more than this. However, these functions primarily serve as the framework for a well-organized webinar. Picking the right platform depends largely on the type of webinar. It’s also important to consider the session’s budget, target audience, and group size.