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The COVID-19 has disturbed the normal life during the past 2 years. It affected daily base activities, health, business, and education. One of the major parts that are affected by COVID-19, is the educational sector. This pandemic has completely changed the learning and teaching aspect of education. Now, on-campus education is very rare in the world. Most of the countries started an online education system to facilitate the students. In this regard, one of the best online education community is Tutflix. This is a excellent online education platform for students and teachers as well. In this article, I am going to explore everything about free education community online.

What is the Tutflix?

Tutflix is the combination of two separate words; Tut (Tutor) and, Flix (Film). Actually, this is the platform that facilitates the students and teachers in education. It has thousands of free courses videos in its database and you can access the relevant course for free. A stunning amount of new members join this free online education directory daily.

Well, the Tut-Flix is monitored by expertise that accepts and schedules the best video courses. So there is a great chance to gain the relevant educational material with a single click. You don’t need to waste your time and money on other alternative sites if you really want to gain knowledge.

How to join Tutflix for free?

If you have an account, then simply enter your username and password by Tutflix login page. In case of new registration, follow the steps below:

  • Open a Tutflix org official website in any browser and click on Register button
  • First, type your username, valid email address, password and location (country)
  • Press the Terms and Privacy checkbox and click on Register button
  • Now, open your email inbox and confirm your email address by pressing Confirm your email button
tutflix email confirmation

Before registering the Tutflix community, read their instructions carefully to avoid the removal of your subscription.

Why to choose this Online Education Community?

There are some positive reasons that make the Tutflix io network unique among others. If you are searching for the best knowledge platforms, then I will recommend you to choose this platform for the following reasons:

  • Tutflix allows its members to login and register easily and provides a user-friendly dashboard to interact with experts.
  • It has an authentic and well-researched material in its platform and provides a relevant course. So you don’t need to waste your time to search other educational platforms.
  • The main advantage of the Tutflix application is, you can use it on android and iOS. It supports all the latest version of browsers. Also join it on social media platforms like Tutflix telegram and Tutflix reddit groups to gain more knowledge.
  • If you click on its Resources, you will see dozens of course categories. Each category has several courses in it. So you can choose the best one.
  • It lets the users to download the course videos by an authentic link and you can watch them later. The video download link are valid and don’t have any suspicious links. If the officials found any suspicious or irrelevant link, they remove the links and banned his account permanently.
  • Whether you’re online or offline, it sends new courses, updates and alerts to your registered email, so you remain in touch with them.
  • It has Forum, where you can post thread to ask a question, post a suggestion or start a discussion to discuss the relevant course or question with the experts.

However, when you click on the Members button, you will see the top-rated messages, total donation sum, and highest reaction score. So you can access them easily to get your relevant course.

Final words

It is very difficult to find a good source of educational material. You see the top similar websites on the internet like Comidoc, Freetutsdownload and, Udemydownload, etc. but I suggest you choose Tutflix online education community. It distributes free knowledge to everyone and the Tutflix review on different sites expresses its popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tutflix

Are Tutflix and Netflix the same?

No, these are totally different platforms. Tutflix is an online education community where Netflix is the online streaming website.

How to download Tutflix resources?

Just visit the Tutflix org official website and follow the instructions mentioned on that.

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