Factors to consider before getting a swimming pool for your home in Dubai

After an exhausting day out in the scorching heat of Dubai, wouldn’t you wish for a quick refreshing swim? Mainly if it’s present within your premises.

Whether it’s your own home or a property to rent in Dubai, the desire to have a swimming pool is unforgettable. There are plenty of choices regarding configuration, and afterwards, there’re materials and embellishments to settle on. These variables will converge with your personality, and they’ll continuously cause you to feel comfortable before diving into it.

Before beginning with the construction venture, here’s a rundown of a few factors to tether to designing a swimming pool for your home in Dubai. 

  1. Temporary or Permanent structure:

The first question for yourself is if you want to temporarily get a swimming pool or the one set in stone. The temporary structure exists with just a handyperson and a couple of weeks to put all the pieces together. Although it’s a budget-friendly alternative, it doesn’t add value to your home. With the blazing heat of Dubai, we suggest you get an in-ground (permanent) fitted pool in the backyard. Despite being on the expensive end, it’s an investment that chisels a lifetime of bliss.

  1. Site Requirements:

Undoubtedly, Dubai is a glamorous city where most residential buildings are at exceptional heights. Therefore, the need for engineering analysis is mandatory, including geotechnical reporting and preparation, soil tests and other necessary evaluations to affirm long term sustainability. The ground requirements get inferred by combining all the queries and their answers. 

  1. Costing and Budgeting:

Detectable extravagance is a unique feature in a booming city like Dubai, so most of us won’t be indecisive in investing in a pool at your home. But, it’s significant to pen down the budgeting first, so one must consider the cost incurred for its longevity and maintenance. It’s also a concern that costing and quality never go hand in hand. So, beware of low-quality services that will probably reach meagre costs.

  1. Size & Shape:

Before putting up your swimming pool’s final design, a prime factor is to estimate the size. It again intertwines with other factors like type, purpose, how many users will dive in, and finally, the cost. You can also customise the size and shape of the pool according to your aesthetic preferences. For instance, a rectangular pool will work best if intended for fitness purposes. On the contrary, if you want to dig into a Spa-like facility, you can achieve more creativity with the shaping.

  1. Prefer Outflow Pools:

Outflow pools contain an overflow waterway and a tank that regulates excess water flow through the watercourse into the tank and then goes straight to filtration. This process improves the water quality and minimises any room for skin infections.

Incorporating such pools makes a better initiative than skimmer pools and often looks up to infinity pools in terms of aesthetics. Since they both have an overflowing feature on their edges, outflowing pools somehow outpace the water level difference.

  1. Prioritise your preferences:

Remember that a swimming pool doesn’t have to be extended or minimal; it all relies on the space available outdoors and your preference. Also, it should always compliment the other colours of the exterior side of your home, such as the garden, gazebo, and alfresco kitchen/ barbecue area. The design of a swimming pool must showcase the owner’s livelihood.

  1. Special Decorative features:

Assuming that magnificence is your prime focus, you can decorate your pool environment by adding a few stylish elements. A lively LED lighting, tiles, stones, and marble plaster would make it a functional yet dazzling recreational hub. Are you planning to build one on your patio? Then you can change over your pool into an eye-getting accomplishment with a subtler creative impression.

Final Thoughts:

If you intend to find a property in Dubai anywhere in future, make sure that it contains an adequate size of a swimming pool. While it’s utterly affordable for any citizen living in the UAE, the aftermath is what makes us a maniac. So, having said that, if you’re up for putting yourself in the lap of luxury, it’s time to make a move.