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Export Emails to Google Sheets: Helping Your Business Save Time

As a data processing software, an email parser extracts information from inbound emails, stripping the need for manual data entry. When you employ an email parser to automate data extraction, data from your emails to Sheets or other business apps is completely accurate without human errors. CloudHQ’sExport Emails to Google Sheets is at your service to save your business time and money.

Advantages of Automated Email Exporting

When you receive a new search result, our automated process updates your Google Spreadsheet. It will also search your previous emails for those that match your requirements. Let’s skim through some of the one-click solutions and pre-built wizards offered by cloudHQ. Here are a few that can help you capture and parse data:

Uber and Lyft receipts: Uber, Lyft, and other receipts: You may need to gather receipts from popular ride-sharing platforms such as Uber, Curb, Lyft, and others in one place. This wizard can assist you. The export job will track down all of your receipts together with the following data and organize them by year in a Google spreadsheet:

  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Date of ride
  • Departure Time
  • Location of Departure
  • Arrival Time
  • Location of Arrival
  • Name of driver
  • Cost

Search notifications for real estate: You will likely need to gather and evaluate real estate search notifications from Trulia, Zillow, and other sites. Our wizard can assist you in extracting the following data from multiple email messages and populating a Google spreadsheet:

  • URL of the listing
  • Address
  • Description
  • Price

Resume information of candidates: You may want to maintain all of the applicants’ resume particulars nicely organized in one spot, along with their names, work titles, and addresses. This wizard will search your mailbox for all resumes and store the following information in a Google spreadsheet:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Email ID
  • Resume Summary
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Majors
  • GPA
  • University details and education levels (MS, Ph.D., etc.)
  • Year and Month of Graduation
  • Location
  • Previous job title
  • Previous company name
  • Experience

Find all bounced email addresses: Sending emails to bounced addresses is one of the quickest ways to damage your internet sender reputation. This is especially true for small firms that use WordPress plugins or run email campaigns from personal email accounts. That’s why, before beginning a new email campaign, our wizard prepares a Google Sheet for you to quickly detect and remove any bounced emails from your email list. It ensures that your email communications reach their intended recipients’ inboxes and that you maintain a positive sender reputation.

Parse Google Alerts: Google Alerts delivers an email whenever the latest results for a specific topic appear. You can, for example, obtain information about current events, products, or mentions. This free wizard will retrieve all that information and save it to a Google Spreadsheet.

Small firms or individuals may need to be kept up to pace on web mentions of their company’s or competitors’ names. Our wizard searches your Gmail inbox for the following information in all Google Alerts email messages:

  • Content URL link
  • Share URL link for Facebook
  • Share URL link for Twitter
  • URL link for flagging irrelevant results
  • Date and Time
  • Publisher Name
  • Search result summary

Build an email/contact list and track your outreach campaigns: A fantastic tool for small businesses to establish relationships with their customers or distributors. Your spreadsheet will immediately update when new emails or contacts arrive in your inbox.This means that you always have a clear insight into all business-related engagements in a well-organized report that is simple to share using Google Sheets. With real-time updates, our email list generator will make a spreadsheet including all of your emails or contacts (with whom you have ever exchanged emails, even in the past).

You may pull data from all emails:

  • within your account
  • with the exact subject
  • belonging to a label

This wizard will send the following information to your Google spreadsheet for each email address in your contacts:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Social profile information in public
  • Date, time, and email link of the email (with the last sent message)
  • Date, time, and email link of the email (with the contact’s previous email to you)
  • If a contact has responded or not to your earlier email message

Download Export Emails to Google Sheets now and check out our support page to learn more about how you can use this email parser.