Everything there is to know about motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle gloves are usually overlooked by people who buy gear for the first time. Either they don’t buy gloves or they pick the wrong kind. Motorcycle gloves are very important for both safety and comfort. There are many materials to pick from and each kind has its own characteristics and special uses. Don’t buy the wrong kind of gloves, but keep reading this article to learn more instead.

Why should I wear motor gloves? 

Motorcycle gloves have many uses, the most important one being safety. Motor gloves can make sure that your hands are well protected if you fall. Most gloves are made of leather, which doesn’t burn if you fall on asphalt. Textile gloves are often enforced with protective patches on the knuckles and protect your hands from shaving and dirt during an accident. 

Besides safety, motorcycle gloves have another use, namely keeping you comfortable as you ride. There are many kinds of gloves that are adapted to the seasons. Summer gloves are often thin and have good ventilation, whereas winter gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and comfortable. 

There are also mind-season gloves available, which can be worn all year around. These gloves often contain a waterproof membrane or thin thermal layer. In extremely cold weather conditions, heated gloves can keep your hands warm and dry. They work with a separate battery or can be connected to the battery of your bike. 

What motor gloves should I pick?

Besides picking gloves that fit the season, it is also important to pick gloves that fit the activity. If you’re buying a motorcycle for touring or from getting from home to work and back, regular touring gloves will suffice. For practicing sports, there are specialized gloves that you should consider buying. Picking the right kind of gloves can be very beneficial for a motorcyclist. 

Street gloves

Street gloves are gloves mostly used by touring motorcyclists or for casual trips, such as trips from home to work. They’re lightweight and thin to insure easy grip. Street gloves provide good grip and feeling of the bike and are therefore very suitable for driving in areas with heavy traffic. 

Racing gloves

High speed racers need extra protection and enforcement, as falling while driving at high speed can cause serious injuries. Therefore, these gloves are very thick and often made of leather, carbon and polyurethane and reinforced with Kevlar patches. Some more luxurious racing gloves have braces to attach your pinky finger and your ring finger, making them less likely to get injured. Racing gloves have high grip to be able to hold on tightly to your bike at high speeds. 

Motocross and dirt biking gloves

Motocross and dirt bike gloves are often much thinner than racing gloves. They are flexible and hug the shape of your hand for extra comfort and grip. This kind of gloves can be made of all sorts of materials, such as microfiber and polyester. They are summer gloves, but can be made with a waterproof membrane. 

How should I clean my motor gloves? 

Leather gloves cannot be machine washed. Instead, hand wash them in a tub with lukewarm water and special leather soap. Never dry your leather gloves by means of a machine or heater. This can cause them to dry out and tear. You can hang your leather gloves to air dry or out old newspapers in them to soak up the water faster. After they are dry, they can be treated with special leather oil or grease and impregnated to make them more waterproof. Textile gloves can usually be washed. Any patches or waterproof membranes should be removed, if possible.