Evening or overnight desert safari – the better choice

Nothing is comparable to the experience of spending quality time near nature, despite all the worries in the world. Dubai offers a Desert Safari in this regard.

Desert Safari is known for providing visitors with a memorable experience, making it one of the emirate’s key attractions. The organizers of Dubai desert safari trips provide a number of packages and options for this incredible experience. These packages differ in terms of cost, duration, and services provided.

In this article, we’ll look at the evening and overnight desert safari deals to see which is the better option.

Let’s first look at what evening safari offers you.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris commence late in the sand dunes and take visitors on a joyful trip. This desert safari includes all of the activities included in the morning package. Guests can also participate in extra fun activities and watch belly dancers perform live. Fire and Tanura performances are part of the nightly desert safari.

Following are some of the activities available during an evening desert safari:

·   Camel trekking:

In the desert, camels are an excellent way to get your feet wet. Climb to the top of the camelback and ride through the desert. Experts will guide you up the camelback in a safe and comfortable manner. Your adventure will surely be enjoyable.

·   Dune Bashing:

Dune Bashing is an exciting activity on a desert safari. The majority of the tourists prefer to begin their visit by dune bashing on the beveled dunes. This thrilling adventure is also available as part of an evening desert safari.

·   Dinner buffet with live BBQ:

If you choose the evening desert safari, food lovers will be in for a treat. At the campsite, guests can enjoy a live BBQ buffet dinner. It’s a three-course meal that includes Arab-style cuisine prepared live on-site. The freshness and aroma of this cuisine are incomparable. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives are also available.

·   Other activities:

Evening safaris also include other live entertainment and fun activities like sandboarding, camel rides, and Arab-style photography. At the campsite, there are also belly dancing and Tanura shows for the tourists.

Overnight Desert Safari

The Overnight Desert Safari includes dinner, desert adventure, and resting beneath the stars. Guests are welcome to participate and arrange the activities.

The following are some of the activities available during the overnight desert safari:

·       Dune Bashing:

The overnight desert safari offers dune bashing, just like the evening desert safari. It involves driving a caravan of SUVs up and down the sand dunes. Many people, particularly teens, enjoy speeding across difficult sand dunes in 4×4 cars for a new level of excitement and adventure. It is more difficult than it appears due to the delicacy of the sand and demands a particular set of skills.

·   Enjoy breathtaking sunsets:

A desert safari sunset will take your breath away with its beauty and allure. Even hours after sunset, you’ll feel like your heart is still stuck between the sun’s gorgeous orange-red and golden rays. And you can only imagine how much fun it would be to have a picnic while watching the sunset.

·   Temporary Henna Tattoo:

Henna tattoos are also available to enhance your experience. Your overnight stay can include a complimentary henna experience, with several designs to choose from.

·   Camp sleeping arrangements:

Camps are set up for visitors so they can spend the night in the desert and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

·   Various entertainment performances:

The camping site hosts a variety of entertainment performances to make your night more fascinating and colourful. Belly dance and Tanura, two popular Arabic dance forms, are showcased to the visitors. Other acts like the mesmerising fire dance performance are also included.

The Better Choice:

An overnight desert safari is the finest option since it includes a True Sense safari experience. It offers tourists everything from camping to desert exploration. For the comfort of guests, sleeping bags and blankets are offered. For men and women, there are separate bars, washrooms, and other amenities. Leave it all to the tour managers if you’re concerned about your safety and comfort.

Evening desert safaris also provide unique opportunities. All of this comes down to your budget and preferences in the end. Choose a night desert safari if you can spend a night under the stars and fantasize.