Enhance The Charm Of Your Home With Modern French Window

French windows are floor-to-ceiling hinged double sashes that open inwards or outwards rather than slide down a defined track. Because of the massive glass panes, the modern French windows do have a unique charm to them that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any place. There are also a number of benefits that a homeowner can avail of by installing these windows. These types of windows allow much more natural light to come in and even increase the inflow of air.

The History of French Windows

The French window originated back in the 16th and 17th centuries. They were initially founded in France while it was in a war against Italy. This actually led to a cultural amalgamation, which resulted in the French bringing Renaissance architecture back to their homeland with them.

For centuries, people have loved French windows and doors for their unique benefits, splendid design, and looks. So, if you are still unable to make a decision, here are a few reasons why you would not regret choosing the French window:

Unbeatable Views

Waking up to that beautiful sunrise and being able to soak in all the lovely hues while listening to the birds chirping is genuinely a dream come true. With French windows, you can get to enjoy your beautiful surroundings in the best way possible. You can also have a look at your stunning garden or enjoy the splendid vistas of the outdoors right from your room.

More Natural Sunlight

Now, this is a benefit that comes with its own fringe benefits. With expansive glass panes, these windows can let in more natural light into the rooms, just like double glaze windows. This, in turn, can have a number of additional benefits, such as making the area look more capacious and helping your skin absorb more Vitamin D. Moreover, more natural light can help in elevating the mood as well.

Safe Egress

Since French windows cover the entire wall length, they are also often used as doors. Thus, these windows also offer a means of egress and ingress. And with French windows, one can be sure of the safety of their family and themselves. Since the design of aluminum French windows do not have a vertical crossbar between the panes, it allows for a quick, easy, and safe entrance in case of an emergency.

Talking about the safety of your family members, one should also consider the locking system that comes along with the doors and windows. While the quality of the material also plays a significant role, it is equally essential to ensure that the windows are equipped with excellent quality locks. For instance, TOSTEM India, which is one of the leading fenestration product manufacturers, offers windows and doors with a crescent locking mechanism that offers superior safety and security.


So, the next time you are planning on getting new windows installed in your home, French windows would be an excellent pick based on all the above-mentioned factors. These types of windows definitely have a unique design and can add up to the charm of any place.