Emberify: Top 10 Instagram Metrics that You Need to Check in 2022

Instagram is never a new word for business people and marketers. Although marketers are aware of its algorithm, there are still some unaware tactics to succeed in the platform. One significant fact is that most marketers miss checking on the metrics and keeping track of them. As a result, it will lead to a more substantial loss in the ROI. So if you are a marketer, who misses out on your regular track of metrics, this article will help you out with the easiest way to maintain your Instagram performance. Continue reading the article to learn in detail! 

Before we get deep into the concepts, we get to know about Instagram! Instagram is an app that recently exceeded 1 billion active users globally and is a wide-open platform for online world exploration. It includes features like Instagram posts, stories, IGTV, live ads, reels, and more. So coming to the point, if you want to succeed on the platform, you need to have a higher level of engagement. You can gain more engagement if you get more likes, comments, shares, saves, and impressions. To make it simple, you can buy instagram views and shall gain fascinating perks. 

Instagram Metrics

Back to the concept here, we understand that Instagram metrics are specific statistics where it indicates the level of business engagement with the audiences. The metrics play an essential role in the after-posting process. With different metrics and criteria, you can check on the success and performance of a single post. These metrics rescue marketers from being dumped down in the online world. A simple example is that the follower count explains the fanbase for the account owner. 

Why Businesses Should Consider Monitoring Instagram Metrics?

Understandably, Instagram metrics are way more associated with success. In another way, Instagram metrics measure the progress towards specific objectives. With metrics, marketers can identify whether the audience interacts better with the business. You can promote your brand effectively if you evaluate the metrics at the right time and leverage Instagram data. 

Top 10 Robust Instagram Metrics to Track in 2022

Instagram has transpired a long way from being just a photo-sharing platform. Measuring your metrics to grow like a giant in social media is vital. As said earlier, you might lose out on the strategic spots of your progress if you do not focus on the Instagram metrics. Always remember that maintaining your KPIs only helps you achieve a high ranking and make you gain more on Instagram. In the below article, we club and put together the most crucial metrics that shape your Instagram marketing strategy. 

1. Reach 

Reach is the priority factor that makes the most on the succeeding brand’s performance on Instagram. The reach rate is nothing but the number of followers who views your posts or stories. Each user is counted only once on the reach rate. By calculating this, you can understand the awareness and value you have gained for a particular post. If you have an objective to be aware of your brand among a wider audience, you have to consider including the reach rate in your metrics. 

Fact: The average reach rate is about 12% for posts and 2% for stories of businesses holding large followers count. 

If you acquire any variations in the reach rate percentages, then you have to check on the reasons for the higher or lower rates. Keep those insights and improve your strategies further. You can even check out the hashtags, CTA, image types, and impact on the posts. With the recently launched Instagram Insights, it is easy to check on reach rate under a single dashboard. Reach rate calculation will help you to have higher conversion rates. 

2. Engagement Rate

Next, to reach the rate, the Engagement rate is the second most key indicator to check the audience interest in your content. In simple terms, the engagement rate is the total number of interactions the audience does on your video, like commenting, sharing, saving, and sharing your content. The engagement rate depends on the number of followers. The higher the number, the higher the engagement rate. The average engagement rate is around 1 to 5%. 

3. Impressions 

Impressions are an Instagram metric that indicates the total number of people who have seen your posts. The metric shows the accurate people count who have just viewed your posts regardless of the likes and comments. In general, to increase impression scores, you need to use a variety of hashtags. If your post acquires a higher impressions-to-reach ratio, it shows that your content strategies are sound. Moreover, if you seek more popularity, try using Emberify and excel with your performance. 

4. Saves

Instagram saves an option where people can save posts and view them in the future. It is more like a bookmark icon in the bottom right corner of the Instagram posts. By analyzing this metric from time to time, you shall conclude if your strategies are working out. You can try contents that are save-worthy for the audience on Instagram, like educational, tips, motivational, etc., 


Instagram shares are the total number of times a post send to another user on Instagram. If you follow this metric, you can create a better sense of content that makes your audience more engaged and active. Instagram shares can double, triple, and quadruple your reach. 

6. Followers’ Growth

With this metric, you can watch the number of followers you gain or lose daily. These insights will help you understand which content helps to grow your followers. Followers may fluctuate for several reasons, but you have to keep on the count high. On the other hand, having a smaller group of audience with more engagement is more valuable. 

7. Traffic 

Ultimately every Instagrammers want to get more conversions. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the traffic constantly so that, eventually, you will get to know the ways to generate more leads. With Instagram insights on traffic, you can come to know what criteria that convert into actual sales. 

8. Retention Rate 

It’s not an easy job to make your followers engage with all your posts. It needs tailored content as per the audience’s preferences. Similarly, the click-through rate is the percentage of how many people who have watched your story from the beginning to the end. It also counts the retention of the audience. 

9. Profile Visits

Profile visits are the total number of views on your profile for a particular post. The increase in profile visits usually works wonders for your brand growth. If brands look forward to improving their recognition, then they need to consider working on analyzing the profile visits. If you check the statistics, the Nike brand holds the topmost number of over 1.6 billion followers on Instagram. It proves there are higher-profile visits too. 

10. Sales

Instagram helps to drive sales with its all-around features. It has fully-integrated features from product tagging to creator fund. Tracking the sales is essential To calculate the success of the business. Instagram is the best tool for e-commerce. With Instagram’s built-in tools, e-commerce brands can have an elegant product view page and a smoother checkout process. In addition, with Instagram insights, you can get to know the key metric that is a reason for your actual increase in sales. 

Latest 2022 Instagram Metrics 

The platform never stops evolving, and it keeps adding new features for the betterment of Instagram users. Some of the recent metrics that you should keep an eye on are as follows, 

  • Stories Watch-Through Rates – The total percentage of people who watched your stories from beginning to end. 
  • Drop-Off Rate – Instagram will show you the total number of viewers who watched your videos right from your first video posts. 
  • Engaged Audience – With this metric, you can watch out for demographic insights that include 
  • Reels Interaction – Here, you can know the interactions of reels alone, i.e., the total number of likes, comments, shares, and saves you have received for your reels. 

Final Thoughts

The above-detailed guide entails the top 10 Instagram metrics that help track your business’s success in 2022. As Instagram is one of the most acceptable channels, it is essential to understand how these metrics work for companies. We hope that with the above article, you can jump on the deep analytics and grow your community. You can also try using Emberify, which shall enhance your visibility. Overall, it takes time to build your growth on Instagram. 

If you pitch these metrics promptly, you can gain massive traffic on Instagram. Businesses must be prepared and adapt to whatever situations come to their path. Are you ready to take up your business to the next level? Leverage Instagram analytics and improve your performance. If you find this article interesting, you can leave your comments below! We Hope you enjoyed reading it! Thanks for reading! Sure, you will hit heights on the platform in a quick time! Have real-time results with Instagram Insights.